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“Stopped by here on Saturday after visiting the farmers market for the first time. The market closed down early due to the rain, where unfortunately, my dog and I were caught in the rain sans umbrella. I was in a hurry to get to the car when I passed by this charming store. My interest piqued, I back tracked and walked cautiously inside since I wasn't sure if my dog was allowed inside the store. Frankly, we both looked like- well, wet dogs! The employees at the store were so welcoming! I couldn't tell you how much I appreciated their kindness after being caught in the rain- it was a welcomed respite. I ended up buying several prints and getting more information on the paint and sip (looks super fun!). The warmness of the ladies there made me want to support the establishment even more, and I can't wait to return soon! Thank you!”

5 Superb11 Reviews

“Such a cute little shop. Women owned with all the beautiful local handmade goods you can think of! They are also at the farmers markets on Saturday. I got a beautiful handmade dream catcher this time.”

5 Superb11 Reviews

“Fabulous customer service! Went in looking for a hat band and left with that plus some great conversation and some new knowledge about hat care! If I find myself in Las Cruces again I’ll be sure to go back here”

4.8 Superb8 Reviews

“The customer service is always fantastic here. I shop at Buckle regularly and management has always been helpful. The store manager is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. If they don't have something, they can order it for you. This is pretty much the only place I get my jeans. You always get personal attention and the quality of the jeans are great. Shop here!”

4.4 Superb37 Reviews

“Very nice lady with a cute dog made me feel very welcome and she had a lot of nice furniture and home decor. I also like that you can bring in your own clothes or items to trade in for store credit. Will be going there again!!”

4.6 Superb9 Reviews

“Great service ever! Specially Abby!! she is the very best!!! The store was super clean everything was in order and I got a great discount applying for the credit card! Thank you Old Navy!”

4.3 Superb74 Reviews

“Cute store. Soft, quality t-shirts. Even better cause. As you can see on their website, they donate a portion of the proceeds to first pay off school lunches and in 2022, to food banks. All to help those in need. Hearing about their cause got me into the door. Seeing the clothes for myself led me to actually buying some! Appreciate their commitment to the local community and helping others.”

4.6 Superb6 Reviews

“I have been shopping with Steph, since "Target Pickup days", for several years! She is amazing at putting outfits together and knowing what works for you and what doesn't. Her shop in Mesilla is absolutely beautiful! You won't be disappointed in the quality of her items or your personal experience with Turquoise Teepee!”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“I like going into new stores. This may not be a new store to you but it was to me and I found it very interesting, lots of good prices and I was attended by a very attentive and polite young lady by the name of Yaroslava, I hope the DD considers her a big access to their business.”

4.2 Good24 Reviews

“We have our good days and our bad it just depend on who is working that day. Most of the time we get a person who is eager to help and is happy to insure we get the best deals. I might have spent a lot of money but it matches the amount of items we bought. Every Blue Moon we get an employee that we feel doesn't want to be there. They roll their eyes at every question asked by my children and they don't even bother to inform me of the deals. When I ask I get an attitude. I like the people who want to be at work and love to interact with the customers. We have questions and we want to know the deals. We appreciate you when you are helpful to us. We buy more things when you make us happy.”

4.2 Good16 Reviews

“Staff was extremely friendly and treated my kids like they were people. Thank you folks for going out of your way to make my girls feel welcome. One of them even commented this is my new favorite store.”

4.1 Good4 Reviews

“Only store my highschooler will shop from, love there back to school sales or their clearance selection great price for the quality of their brand. never had a bad experience in store or online and being a gold member had nice perks always free shipping which can add up from other retailers especially when your buying a item or 2 and need to pay 10 or so to ship nice way to save,& even more of reason to shop online also returns are easy and always in your favor. very helpful staff as well”

3.8 Good3 Reviews

“If your looking to get style at a great price this is the place especially if you are on a budget plus the managers are willing to go the extra mile to help for that I am grateful! :)”

3.9 Good30 Reviews

“The Ross in Las Cruces is easy to shop in and has a variety of clothes, housewares, shoes, and bedding just to name a few. It is clean and well organized. I Enjoy shopping at Ross”

3.9 Good49 Reviews

“Just went in for some more last minute mothers day gifts right at opening, blonde girl working the registers by herself was extremely nice and packed up neatly in one of the boxes I bought. Best employee interaction I've had there so far, give her a raise??”

3.7 Good61 Reviews

“I've known the manager for almost 10 years now, a very hard working woman who has always greeted me with kindness and respect. Her stores always have the best holistic products or alternative styles and I will forever be a customer.”

3 Average12 Reviews

“Alex definitely took care of my graduation needs at a very reasonable price. However, they couldn’t find my order when I was asking questions about my order. Seems to have everything out of place and the lady is very rude. Wish Alex was there to help us out. ALEX is the person to go too!”

3.2 Average23 Reviews

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