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“Appreciated the opportunity to look around without being followed or asked to many questions. We were given the space to browse without feeling any pressure. Chris was exceptional and his patience with us was much appreciated. Stellar experience overall!”

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“Stopped by here on Saturday after visiting the farmers market for the first time. The market closed down early due to the rain, where unfortunately, my dog and I were caught in the rain sans umbrella. I was in a hurry to get to the car when I passed by this charming store. My interest piqued, I back tracked and walked cautiously inside since I wasn't sure if my dog was allowed inside the store. Frankly, we both looked like- well, wet dogs! The employees at the store were so welcoming! I couldn't tell you how much I appreciated their kindness after being caught in the rain- it was a welcomed respite. I ended up buying several prints and getting more information on the paint and sip (looks super fun!). The warmness of the ladies there made me want to support the establishment even more, and I can't wait to return soon! Thank you!”

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“Beautiful Furniture at a great price! Octavio is fantastic and really knows his product. The Delivery Crew was the absolute best I have ever had! They were incredibly careful and just really good guys who helped with stuff they didn't even have to! Brandy on the sales floor was very sweet and helpful, but Victoria was very rude and just acted like she did not want to be there. I almost walked out of the store the first time I walked in because of her aloofness and basically her evident irritability that I dared walk in the door. I am so glad I ignored her and continued to shop. I would have really missed out on some very unique and well-made furniture at unbeatable prices. Stear clear of Victoria and the rest of your experience will be great! We bought 4-bedroom suites, a coffee table set, a breakfast table, accent chairs and chaise lounge! I could not be happier with the quality. (I would have given 5 stars if it had not been for Victoria)”

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“Awesome customer service and lasting products. Got a watch band about 3 years ago and it barley broke a few months ago. Got another one and I am in love with it. Love all the products Tammy sells ??”

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“I always find some great crafting stuff here, I prefer it over the other craft store in town that discriminates against women's health care, so I always end up here, at JoAnn, where everyone is friendly and helpful. Their fabric selection is phenomenal!”

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“I like going into new stores. This may not be a new store to you but it was to me and I found it very interesting, lots of good prices and I was attended by a very attentive and polite young lady by the name of Yaroslava, I hope the DD considers her a big access to their business.”

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“I was looking for a recliner. I was greeted at the door with smile. A young lady named Danielle Guerrero, who was very friendly, very informative and very polite. I would highly recommend anyone to go and do business with Danielle at Ashley's homestore in Las Cruces NM.”

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“I literally did not wait. Went straight to self check out. They really do offer many items and options. Best to go on weekdays when its not so busy. Parking gets really packed as its a big shopping center. Petco, Marshalls, Big Five, Eyemart Express, and some shoe store.”

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