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“I love places like this because they always have amazing stuff to check out or buy. I got my first kachina doll and it is the eagle , it represents strength and power. It is the ruler of the sky and the messenger to the heavens. I love it and I plan on getting more.”

4.6Superb111 Reviews

“Staff is great, the store is always cool and spotless and they are the best gas station around here. I love that they always try to keep their customers happy and they are pretty affordable. The burritos are to die for.”

4.4Superb62 Reviews

“One of the last Pic-Quik's in Cruces. I went to this one all the time when I lived in the neighborhood & they sales associates are still friendly & helpful”

4.3Superb86 Reviews

“Always the lowest price in the area. They keep not neat and clean and the POS work well. There are squeegees and windshield cleaner availible at the islands so you can clean your windshield if you want.”

4.2Good64 Reviews

“It gets busy and lines get a little wild. I usually case the joint out before I fuel up. I do find that most times I don't have to wait too terribly long. Awesome prices.”

4Good117 Reviews

“The stosre is always very crowded, beer and liquor prices and selection are good,the store is clean inside and out. The drive thru is a wonderful idea and is very convenient! You can order pretty much anything in the store, from cigarettes to fountain drinks, however no alcohol is served through drive thru. Also on occasion the drive thru will have a very long line and the wait might be 15-25min to get to the window, and at these times getting down and going into the store will definitely save you some time, if you're in a rush.”

4.2Good37 Reviews

“Both Gasoline and Diesel Fuel at competitive prices. Well maintained and easily operated fuel dispenser pumps. The number of pumps is enough so the wait time for an open pump is minimal. Restrooms are clean and well maintained.”

4Good91 Reviews

“One of the best TA's in The midwest! Always clean bathrooms!!!! Love this place , food is quiet well to with a large selection from Burger King to Pizza Hut or Taco Bell. This is the best TA you will find in the MidWest! TA's corporation should look into how they operate here and make sure all bathroom laws are followed by this example. Amazing . Just excellent .”

4.3Superb23 Reviews

“Best Mexican food in town the guy translated for lady enev though I speak Spanish great first time eating their about less than 2 weeks ago I see people's reviews prices when up well I new here i think they're good priced and portioned food is hot and good I ordered carne deshebrada w/onion tomato jalapeno (A la Mexicana) so damn good needed just salt and was amazing moist a bit greasy but delicious authentic Mexican food and the rice wow best in town they should sell sides of it! Or make rice bean burritos that's not Mexican but is made in Mexico when money is needed and that would sell that rice is amazing my sister's hate rice unless mixed in beans those burritos would sell you're welcome for the idea I'm looking forward to the other choices and recommend burgers my sub cilent I take care of recommend this place he lives up 70 where this place is located and great selection and good gas prices I like this place it's far from me but when I'm near I'm now stopping by thank you restaurant people and lady chef and the owner your staff is nice but I feel mad at too lady's laughing at me then I made it obvious I heard and am bilingual even though I look white I don't like those two women the cashier acted too nice after I gave her some grunt growls and showed my anger in my face and calmed down when she wasn't being rude or rascit if she was and one of the girls was white enough where she didn't speak Spanish well you guys judge I'll figure you name and you be on blast”

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“I have a motorcycle, and the gas pumps have lower pressure than other gas stations, so there's no spillover or wasted gas at the pumps. I like it for that reason alone.”

4Good46 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) The girls in this storeThey have good clean and thatI like it congratulationsI loved it I recommend it(Original)Las chicas de esta storeTienen Bien limpio y esoA mi me gusta felicidadesMe encanto se los recomiendo”

4.4Superb14 Reviews

“Convenient, Apparently owned by family from another country. When speaking with a family member , I received very authentic appreciation for my business. A somewhat rarity when compared to general service and interaction with corporate employees. I am a customer who will continue to happily contribute to their continued success. One customer at a time.”

3.9Good39 Reviews

“Haven’t been inside but the station has been well lit and has clean exteriors every time I come in to visit White Sands. I’d add the 5th star if I ever go inside to shop or to speak with the attendants (can’t tell how good the selection or service is)”

4.1Good10 Reviews

“I went here because Gas Buddy said regular gas here was just a few cents over $3. However when i got here, gas was $3.39. That was a bummer. But I still got gas here, so things turned out ok. I didn't go inside. Everything outside was fine.”

3.7Good47 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) How clean are they?this little shopand the girls are finefriendly and that wasWhat I liked the mostThe friendliness of the staffFrom this store and that's goodAnd they will be until 11:00 pmwhat a sale congratulations(Original)Que limpio tienenEsta pequeña tiendaY las chicas son bienAmables y eso fueLo que me gusto masLa amabilidad del personalDe esta tienda y eso es buenoY sieran asta las 11:00 pmQue vendicion felicidades”

3.7Good9 Reviews

“It is usually the cheapest, or 2nd to cheapest gas in all Las Cruces.\\n\\nDecent gas, and moderatly fast pumps.\\n\\nThe only problem with this location is that the store is almost always locked and toy have to conduct business thru a tiny window.\\n\\nMakes it hard to impulse buy munchies and drinks.”

3.6Good62 Reviews

“Super cheap gas and a very big parking lot with lots of pumps at least half a dozen. Water station ice station and inside is very clean Friendly staff very helpful”

3.6Good44 Reviews

“My family and I love it. The workers are amazing and sweet! There ice is a go to for me lol ND everything we visit nothing but good vibes and good attitude from the works.”

3.5Good23 Reviews

“DONT BUY YOUR FUEL FROM THIS FACILITY!!!!!!Filled up and made it to work and truck started running bad. Check engine light came on. Had to test fuel found water in the tank. Have photos to prove it. Had to waste $100.00 of fuel and put in new fuel pump and filter along will all the down time and expense to replace it. Waiting on pumpTo see if that will take care of the check engine problems. Hoping not to have injector problems. Have called store only to get a recording. Will be stoping by to get a supervisors number.”

3.5Good40 Reviews

“Couple hic cups at this place over the years but generally good service and ok gas prices if you are a circle K gas card holder. Its always here if I need it. Its a Circle K nothing more nothing less.”

3.5Good42 Reviews

“Great customer service bathrooms always clean always willing to help customers find what they need great sales highly recommend putting gas here if you have an FRN card you save $0.05 off per gallon up to 20 gallons”

3.4Good21 Reviews

“I worked at this location for a year. I quit last week because i felt underappreciated and there were 2 coworkers i spoke to my manager about on 2 completely seperate occasions. Instead of coming to a compromise to resolve the issue she took sides and got mad at me. Well turns out she knew both of them personally before she hired them. I loved working there but with all the favoritism, work felt unfair and became unpleasant. Hence the one star i left out. Other then that i miss working there l, especially miss my customers. Four stars for you guys making circle k an awesome place to work. Thanks!”

3.2Average30 Reviews

“The best customer service me and my family had with Pilar funny and friendly clean restrooms and fresh coffee. This girl needs a raise . My wife offered her a better job just for her profession. Hopefully she accepts”

3.1Average31 Reviews

“Reaching out to Vanessa....very helpful and energetic....hope her recovery went well...please contact me if possible ..if anyone can help me contact her I would appreciate your time and assistance”

3Average27 Reviews

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