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“I was visiting family in Shirley, NY for the holiday and we were expecting more family for a lunch gathering. My son makes an amazing grilled chicken recipe but realized he wasn't sure if he had enough gas for his BBQ. I drove to Home Depot five minutes away with his empty tank & practically parked inside the Garden Center - hoping out of my car while employees were surprised where I parked. All I said was "Please! We're having family visit for Christmas Eve, they specifically requested grilled chicken but our BBQ doesn't have enough gas!" Without a question, the cashier, whose booth was almost inside my car, jumped into action calling for urgent assistance with gas tanks. Before I could even close my car door, a young man was on his way with a full gas tank. I don't think my car was in the Garden Center more than 4 minutes and I was on my way back home with the gas. The employees were great - sweet, jumped (really jumped!) into action and had my car and I out of the Garden Center lickity split. They are super heros in my book! Home Depot is lucky to have those employees, and if all their employees are trained like this, your visit would be nothing short of amazing.”

4.5 Superb164 Reviews

“Definitely not the Top Flagship Store in the Home Depot Empire, but definitely not the Worst. For the most part it's got pretty much whatever you're looking for and while associates are not all over the place, you can usually find one within 5 to 10 minutes -- like I said, not the Best, but definitely NOT the worst -- Worth checking it out if you need something”

4.5 Superb146 Reviews

“John designed, specified and installed a beautiful variety of trees and shrubs for the front of our home. It truly transformed the house and has gotten a ton of compliments. I look forward to working with John again in the future.”

4.6 Superb13 Reviews

“I've been shopping here since they were originally in Farmingville. Reasonably priced hanging plants and if you want them customized, just ask.The staff here is friendly and knowledgeable and the plants are always in great shape.You'll never shop for plants at Depot or Lowe's again.”

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“UPDATE- 12/9/23I decided to call and ask if I was still on Que for delivery, the gentleman that answered the phone apologized for the inconvenience and got the wood delivered to me right away and even waived the delivery fee.Placed an order for 1/2 cord of seasoned wood today in the afternoon, when I spoke to the lady on the phone she was very courteous. She even told me that they could deliver the wood today which sounded perfect and that the driver would call me when they were enroute. Fast forward to 8:15pm I never received a phone call or told that my order would not be fulfilled today. Spent the day home waiting on this order which never came. Very disappointing I was really looking forward to trying their seasoned wood based off the reviews I read.”

4.1 Good39 Reviews

“Nice Location, Nice outdoor layout. Plenty of parking. Not a lot of outdoor stock yet, but its really early in the season and still a bit too cold. Will be stopping back here in a few weeks once growing season starts.”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“Went here to get a Christmas tree. Scott greeted us, was very friendly, and helped us find exactly what we were looking for. We met John, the owner, as we were leaving. He went out of his way to help us with car trouble in the parking lot. Happy to support such a great local business!”

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“I ordered 6, 7-8' Leyland Cypress trees from this place at a great cost. I'm fairly new to planting so my knowledge is very limited. Planting was easy but upkeep is what I found difficult. Too much water? Too little?, anyhow, If it wasnt for this business and the staff that they have, I more than likely would have lost some trees. Mary, from nursey, literally called me back every single time I needed help or had concerns with anything! regarding my trees!. I've already learned alot from her. A great staff along with a great business!. Will be coming back! Thanks”

3.9 Good81 Reviews

“Kelly always puts a smile on my face when I come to Home Depot. She's my favorite employee here. She always remembers me and is so helpful when I need to find something. I always make sure to check out at her register!!!”

3.5 Good55 Reviews

“Was here today at the Shirley store to pick up 6 various items that fit in my shopping cart.As I got on a short line at self checkout, I had Mary ask me if she could help with scanning so I said sure.By the time she was done I had my card ready to swipe and was on my way in no time.I noticed she was doing that with other customers which showed she cared enough about helping move the line and not just watching like you see in other stores.Nice experience at the self checkout!”

2.9 Average34 Reviews

“Ignore the low score. This is the best Home Depot around. There are plenty of staff and 9/10 times they are very friendly and engaged. Everything is tidy and well organized. I love it”

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