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“We have loved working with our local appliance store! From our washing machine to our stove we have felt supported in every decision needed for our custom home. Great selection and very helpful staff.”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“We went to Dunrite when we remodeled our kitchen. They were super helpful and knowledgeable. During this time of shortages the oven we ordered was months late. We were coming up to the holidays with no stove. The people at Dunrite made it right by getting us a loaner so we could have family over. They were also very competitive on the price and good with the installs. Very happy and glad to recommend.”

2.9 Average3 Reviews

“I went for a chest freezer. The sales associate, Glenn, was extremely helpful. He helped me with the right one to get for game meat. He had me in and out of the store quickly. Excellent sales associate.”

4.5 Superb201 Reviews

“I bought my Bernina 770QE plus Kaffe edition sewing machine from them. They were very helpful and honest helping me choose the correct machine for my needs. They offer several private one on one lessons to help to learn how to your sewing machine which was very valuable. I have taken several sewing classes they offer throughout the year which has helped me learn so many sewing and quilting techniques . All of the staff is great.”

4.8 Superb13 Reviews

“I was visiting family in Shirley, NY for the holiday and we were expecting more family for a lunch gathering. My son makes an amazing grilled chicken recipe but realized he wasn't sure if he had enough gas for his BBQ. I drove to Home Depot five minutes away with his empty tank & practically parked inside the Garden Center - hoping out of my car while employees were surprised where I parked. All I said was "Please! We're having family visit for Christmas Eve, they specifically requested grilled chicken but our BBQ doesn't have enough gas!" Without a question, the cashier, whose booth was almost inside my car, jumped into action calling for urgent assistance with gas tanks. Before I could even close my car door, a young man was on his way with a full gas tank. I don't think my car was in the Garden Center more than 4 minutes and I was on my way back home with the gas. The employees were great - sweet, jumped (really jumped!) into action and had my car and I out of the Garden Center lickity split. They are super heros in my book! Home Depot is lucky to have those employees, and if all their employees are trained like this, your visit would be nothing short of amazing.”

3.4 Good45 Reviews

“Great experience. I came to Best Buy in Riverhead recently because I was having trouble with my computer. Danny was extremely helpful. I am older in age and have trouble with technology and this young man was very patient with me and taught me many things about my computer that I didn’t know. Danny is a great asset to the team!!”

3.3 Good63 Reviews

“Kelly always puts a smile on my face when I come to Home Depot. She's my favorite employee here. She always remembers me and is so helpful when I need to find something. I always make sure to check out at her register!!!”

3.2 Average49 Reviews

“Was here today at the Shirley store to pick up 6 various items that fit in my shopping cart.As I got on a short line at self checkout, I had Mary ask me if she could help with scanning so I said sure.By the time she was done I had my card ready to swipe and was on my way in no time.I noticed she was doing that with other customers which showed she cared enough about helping move the line and not just watching like you see in other stores.Nice experience at the self checkout!”

2.9 Average34 Reviews

“Had a great experience at Best Buy Riverhead due to JP who could not have been more helpful. JP is knowledgeable and so easy to work with. He answered all my questions, facilitated my purchase and made the entire experience a pleasure. I will happily visit Best Buy Riverhead again thanks to JP.”

2.3 Poor24 Reviews

“Ignore the low score. This is the best Home Depot around. There are plenty of staff and 9/10 times they are very friendly and engaged. Everything is tidy and well organized. I love it”

2.1 Poor22 Reviews

“Wish the very nice elderly service person seemed more confident and didn't need to call his manager to confirm the repair process. The advice to unplug and then re-plug in the cable was all it took to restart it. Could he have fixed it with out the consult? I don't know. Started right up after rebooting it. Could he have fixed something more complicated ? Not sure. Just didn't instill confidence.”

2.3 Poor36 Reviews

“Definitely not the Top Flagship Store in the Home Depot Empire, but definitely not the Worst. For the most part it's got pretty much whatever you're looking for and while associates are not all over the place, you can usually find one within 5 to 10 minutes -- like I said, not the Best, but definitely NOT the worst -- Worth checking it out if you need something”

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