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“This what a local pharmacy SHOULD be. Jahan is professional and personal. He is willing to go the extra mile to help. Always! Too bad Big Box Pharmacies drive good people like this out of business, and then care nothing about their constituents. Please give this pharmacy a try and you will be rewarded. Thanks!”

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“Thank you CVS Goshen! After an hour at urgent care and then 30 minutes of the urgent care not calling in the prescription, literally 1 minute after the pharmacy getting the prescription they had it filled. With a one year old with pink eye and ear infections having the pharmacy do this almost made me cry, thank you so much to the Saturday pharmacy crew!!!!”

2.5 Average19 Reviews

“A lot of the bad reviews are due to CVS buying out the local Pharmacy: which was a wonderful personal store. I have found the local Pharmacist Kelly and Adriana very knowledgeable and helpful. The cost are actually less than the old Pharmacy. One complaint is the large bottles, which are literally 150% larger than standard. Which is a pain if you have multiple medications and need a lot of space to store the medications”

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“I have my prescriptions filled here and during the winter when I couldn't get there they delivered free of charge, which is a great plus. Their coupon deals are also good.”

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