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“Neat little gas station with hot food and a good ice cream selection. One of the few places that I can get a pre-made peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. Great place to make a quick pitstop.”

4.3 Superb42 Reviews

“This place is fantastic. The service is always quick and you can’t get a sandwich for a better price anywhere else. I’m not sure about some of the complaints below about prices here. The prices here are better than anywhere else I’ve been to. Happy to have this In Goshen.”

4.1 Good31 Reviews

“I would always drive by this gas station growing up but something about it was always off putting so I would never go in. That was until I heard that it got bought out and that it was under new management. When I went in for the first time, I was greeted by a friendly guy behind the register and hot coffee and a bacon egg and cheese that was fresh off the grill. Everything was well organized and I could tell that they have been working hard to flip the place around. Getting a chance to hear there story was also really inspiring. Great place, great prices, and phenomenal service. What else could you ask for?”

4.5 Superb11 Reviews

“I'm pretty shocked to see the hate for this place. I've eaten here two days in a row and think the food is pretty good and the folks that work here are extremely polite. I'm from Texas and used to southern hospitality and forget it's not really like that up here, so being around these folks was nice.”

3.2 Average22 Reviews

“Thank you CVS Goshen! After an hour at urgent care and then 30 minutes of the urgent care not calling in the prescription, literally 1 minute after the pharmacy getting the prescription they had it filled. With a one year old with pink eye and ear infections having the pharmacy do this almost made me cry, thank you so much to the Saturday pharmacy crew!!!!”

2.7 Average25 Reviews

“I got a foot long tuna fish Submarine Sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, and pickles on top ? and I also got a banana ? and a 32 ounce cup of Arizona Green ?”

2.9 Average92 Reviews

“A lot of the bad reviews are due to CVS buying out the local Pharmacy: which was a wonderful personal store. I have found the local Pharmacist Kelly and Adriana very knowledgeable and helpful. The cost are actually less than the old Pharmacy. One complaint is the large bottles, which are literally 150% larger than standard. Which is a pain if you have multiple medications and need a lot of space to store the medications”

2.1 Poor13 Reviews

“I have my prescriptions filled here and during the winter when I couldn't get there they delivered free of charge, which is a great plus. Their coupon deals are also good.”

1.9 Poor14 Reviews

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