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“I want to thank and commend Johnny's Service Station for their excellent service. I have been taking my car to them for many years, and have always been treated with the utmost respect and good service. It is a good thing when you can completely trust your mechanic, and I have had a lot of experience with being treated with the utmost care and kindness from this business. This week I had gotten into a very difficult situation with my car, and Johnny-on- the spot was there to hoist my car out of trouble. He was so accomadating and because I was on a mission of mercy at the time, he didn't even charge me. He said he wanted to do his part to be of help. If you ever need help, contact Johnny! I am so thankful that I have a service station I trust completely to do a good job and look out for my interests as well as their own. Sincerely, Catrole R Cook”

4.5 Superb26 Reviews

“Stopped in at 8:30 am and the Subway was open but the veggies and things had not been put out yet. I need to grab and go so I couldn't wait for all of that to be set out. Thankfully there is also a Dunkin Donuts here. I've never been a fan of Dunkin but now I'm still not a fan. I had the sourdough sandwich and that was as dry as the Sahara. Not a dollop of mayo, avocado or anything on that sandwich, just some dry ahh bacon, sourdough bread, eggs and cheese. That was a rough meal, I ordered my partner a chicken roasted pepper wrap and that was actually good, it was small but it was good. I had a bite of it. If I ever have to stop at a Dunkin again. I will get that. The Exxon has a full convenience store and gas pumps”

4.2 Good31 Reviews

“4 star just for price... 1 star for everything else. The attendant does zero work. Should be out directing traffic for the people who can't see or read signs and lines. There is 1 way in and out but drives never look. It's a hot mess on the daily”

4.2 Good31 Reviews
4.6 Superb14 Reviews

“I witnessed a young employee here help an old lady pump air into her tires. Even though it was cold out and had snowed earlier he stayed outside and did all 4 of her tires so she could sit inside where it was warm. I meant to write a review when I saw that but forgot. Either way I thought that kind of service was worthy of recognition. Id want my mother treated as kindly as this lady was.”

4.1 Good37 Reviews

“Best place for a breakfast sandwich! , low prices cigs and good subs too. You can call ahead and order as well for hot food when you arrive if youre in a time crunch. Also the staff is amazing friendly and quick!”

4.9 Superb9 Reviews

“I love this gas station. I wish that the debit card machine outside wouldnt.deny my debit card as a debit transaction cause it works fine as a credit transaction.”

4.4 Superb8 Reviews

“They have the cheapest gas on Dolsen Ave.! Also inside they have a huge selection of drinks, food, snacks and the service is great. They are always able to address any questions you have on the products they sell behind the counter as well as what is popular and bestselling. The gas prices make it worth it!!”

3.8 Good21 Reviews

“What can I say about a gas stationthere is gas said that you could buy for your car is a little market where you could buy yourself little snacks and drinks and then you go on your Merry”

4 Good10 Reviews

“I just went there to get gas and that was it. Although I have also been there to buy little things like diet Pepsi people that work there are kind and friendly.I was served/taken care of quickly.”

4.1 Good8 Reviews

“I love a one stop shop. Gas,dunkin,lottery,bathroom,drinks,snacks,even a sandwich shop. I particularly like this store more for the variety in snacks and beverages better than run of the mill stores.”

3.7 Good21 Reviews

“All of the workers here are very nice and welcoming. They are always stocked with good snacks and drinks, and their prices on gas are competitive with local stations. Workers seem very happy which makes me happy. Definitely a go to feel good kind of spot, with a lot of NYC style snacks.”

3.8 Good11 Reviews

“I stop in regularly as it is convenient and on my way to and from work. I had stopped in for something one night after work and received the wrong change back, the attendant had forgotten to give me a $20 along with the rest of my change. I called up and explained the situation and he remembered me and told me to come in and he would give it to me. When I returned he remembered who I was and apologized (I tried giving him a small tip for the honesty and he wouldn’t accept it). I was so warmed by the experience because most other gas stations would’ve brushed it off and told me to get lost! While there I grabbed some milk and the same attendant noticed the expiration date was that days date and told me to grab a different one and took that one off the shelf! He was such a breathe of fresh air compared to the service that is received at my local convenience store! I will make sure I do business with them more often!”

3.5 Good41 Reviews

“Best gas prices in town. Awesome vacuum. I am NOT easily impressed, but this vacuum is worth every quarter. Really. Worth wrapping the hose up properly! Good job, guys.”

5 Superb1 Reviews

“Food inside is surprisingly really good. Wouldn't expect it from a gas station. I just moved to town and ordered the Philly cheesesteak. I came back a second time less than a week later for the chicken BLT as recommended by the owner. Also very good. Apparently owner has years of experience with deli. Enjoy !”

2 Poor1 Reviews

“Nice guy behind the counter, quick math skills. Definitely need to see if he can help with spreadsheet type work. Not sure, but seems like a quick and active mind in that man. Otherwise, it's a gas station and convince store. Not nasty, but not clean.”

2.9 Average20 Reviews

“I travel from Missouri to NY every 2 months to visit my fiancé. On my first trip to Middletown, last year, I fell in love with your store. My chance encounter happened the first morning that I drove my fiancé to work at 5:30 in the morning. I stopped for coffee and was greeted by, Nova, the friendliest store attendant I’d ever met. She was a breath of fresh air. She greeted me with a smile, and was very professional and personable. While preparing my coffee, I observed Nova’s”

2 Poor2 Reviews

“Excellent location on the corner of two main streets in Middletown (East Main St. & Carpenter Ave.). This is the cheapest gas in Middletown (and surrounding areas all the way to Monroe) 9 times out of 10, especially if you're using their SmartPay perks card! The employees at this location are nice and helpful and get you in and out quickly. They keep the store very clean and stocked, inside and out. There are three entrances and exits to the road so you are not waiting in line when you're leaving.. And I can't stress enough how good the smart pay perks card is to have. You get $.10 off a gallon every single time no matter if you have unleaded or diesel or anything in between. There is an app to go with the card so you don't need the card itself. You pay for the gas on your app without even stepping foot into the store or swiping a card. The app tracks everything you buy in store or at the pump and it gives you tons of perks rewards. And sometimes it gives you free stuff for no reason. And they usually expire in like one month. Even without the smartpay card, Their coffee is already super cheap $.99 for any size. Their food is better than going to Dunkin, I think and probably cheaper.. In store, they have a lot of offers all the time like buy something specific get something else for free or at a cheaper price (soda and candy, water and gum, etc...) I am a huge fan of Cumberland Farms now. I say "now" because I used to HATE them A few years back before all the recent changes.. but they have really stepped their game up and it shows. Team Cumbys!! Lol”

2.6 Average11 Reviews

“They have the cheapest and best gas in the area. Slightly disappointed that they change the price midday and when I went past gas was 3.25 only to become 3.31 an hour later. But they have great empanadas and coffee.”

2.7 Average19 Reviews

“I visit the store to get gas and I got everything that I needed the store is very clean and very very quick service and has a look only have to stop one place instead of three five stars”

1 Poor2 Reviews

“I love my morning stops for coffee or tea, depends on what I’m in the mood for. I’ve been a customer of the Quickcheck for about 2 yrs. Lately I noticed the coffee area to be extra clean and organized. I go in a few times after and the floors are shinning. I knew they had to be an employee who cared enough about the cleanliness. I observed and found that there is an employee responsible for this her name is Sara. I approached her and thanked her. I hope she sticks around she’s awesome. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

2.5 Average28 Reviews

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