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“Friendly staff and quick service. Plenty of beverage options: coffee and cooler options. Great sandwiches for breakfast or lunch. I love that it's locally owned & runned. I love supporting small businesses.”

4.6Superb22 Reviews

“What can I say about a gas stationthere is gas said that you could buy for your car is a little market where you could buy yourself little snacks and drinks and then you go on your Merry”

4.1Good50 Reviews

“We ordered fruit cocktails? they were well prepare. It had pineapple, mango, papaya, pepino, melon, uvas, & fresas topped with chamoy & Tajin. (No jicama here) it also had a Bandera, traditional Mexican candy.The chicharrón preparado was delicious too.Came with pickle cueritos, cabbage, sliced tomato, salsa valentina, sour cream, and grated cheese. Delicious ?Lastly, my elote which to my taste was a little dry, but not bad in flavor.As I waited for my order I noticed a nice selection of Mexican products, they also offer a vast variety of heros. The place is clean & the overall ambiance is great!!!”

4.7Superb15 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) This is my favorite place to buy fresh food, well done, or get Mexican products. Upon entering, they are very good people greet you with great pleasure that they have not changed since this place opened this position. I recommend it, they always get 100%(Original)este es mi favorito lugar para comprar comida fresca, bien echa, o conseguir productos mexicanos. al entrar son muy buenas personas te saludan cun mucho gusto no an cabiado desde que este lugar abrio este puesto. lo recomindo siempre se sacan un 100%”

4.2Good31 Reviews

“I witnessed a young employee here help an old lady pump air into her tires. Even though it was cold out and had snowed earlier he stayed outside and did all 4 of her tires so she could sit inside where it was warm. I meant to write a review when I saw that but forgot. Either way I thought that kind of service was worthy of recognition. Id want my mother treated as kindly as this lady was.”

4.1Good37 Reviews

“Best place for a breakfast sandwich! , low prices cigs and good subs too. You can call ahead and order as well for hot food when you arrive if youre in a time crunch. Also the staff is amazing friendly and quick!”

4.1Good35 Reviews

“Great job to the new owners they have made this place into a better environment and the food selection is amazing I love getting my subs from here they are always amazing and fresh thank you to the new owner for putting new life into this place!!”

4Good27 Reviews

“Friendly staff very good prices they make amazing sandwiches you can get all your stuff here except for gas but it’s still a good feeling when u have gone to a store for so many years that they treat you like family”

4.3Superb13 Reviews

“The Pharmacist at this location is amazing. She's fast, has all the answers, is very patient and remembers everything you tell her. I drive past more than one pharmacy just to go to her for all my families medications.”

4.1Good10 Reviews

“They have the cheapest gas on Dolsen Ave.! Also inside they have a huge selection of drinks, food, snacks and the service is great. They are always able to address any questions you have on the products they sell behind the counter as well as what is popular and bestselling. The gas prices make it worth it!!”

3.8Good21 Reviews

“I travel from Missouri to NY every 2 months to visit my fiancé. On my first trip to Middletown, last year, I fell in love with your store. My chance encounter happened the first morning that I drove my fiancé to work at 5:30 in the morning. I stopped for coffee and was greeted by, Nova, the friendliest store attendant I’d ever met. She was a breath of fresh air. She greeted me with a smile, and was very professional and personable. While preparing my coffee, I observed Nova’s”

3.7Good20 Reviews

“I've been meaning to write this place a good review for awhile now and im finally getting around to it. Awesome selection of imported snacks, variety changes often so you always have new and exciting options to chose from and honestly this place has some of the best customer service i've ever experienced anywhere, so friendly, chill and excited to help whenever i come in”

3.8Good13 Reviews

“I just went there to get gas and that was it. Although I have also been there to buy little things like diet Pepsi people that work there are kind and friendly.I was served/taken care of quickly.”

3.6Good39 Reviews

“All of the workers here are very nice and welcoming. They are always stocked with good snacks and drinks, and their prices on gas are competitive with local stations. Workers seem very happy which makes me happy. Definitely a go to feel good kind of spot, with a lot of NYC style snacks.”

3.8Good11 Reviews

“This is my go to for everything from makeup to vitamins and everything else in between. The staff there are phenomenal. You have Linda who really should be the town mayor, she always makes you feel as if she's been waiting for you all day, always kind and professional. Amanda showed great leadership and it pays off because her employees seems to like her. Jamie is great and Melba and the new commer whose name escapes me. And you cannot beat the value for your bucks. I am just a happy customer. I have been going to this riteaid for the last nine years and I had never had a bad experience. It's like my Cheers. Everybody knows my name and remember to ask about my son and my well-being. Cannot say enough good thing about that place”

3.4Good40 Reviews

“Excellent location on the corner of two main streets in Middletown (East Main St. & Carpenter Ave.). This is the cheapest gas in Middletown (and surrounding areas all the way to Monroe) 9 times out of 10, especially if you're using their SmartPay perks card! The employees at this location are nice and helpful and get you in and out quickly. They keep the store very clean and stocked, inside and out. There are three entrances and exits to the road so you are not waiting in line when you're leaving.. And I can't stress enough how good the smart pay perks card is to have. You get $.10 off a gallon every single time no matter if you have unleaded or diesel or anything in between. There is an app to go with the card so you don't need the card itself. You pay for the gas on your app without even stepping foot into the store or swiping a card. The app tracks everything you buy in store or at the pump and it gives you tons of perks rewards. And sometimes it gives you free stuff for no reason. And they usually expire in like one month. Even without the smartpay card, Their coffee is already super cheap $.99 for any size. Their food is better than going to Dunkin, I think and probably cheaper.. In store, they have a lot of offers all the time like buy something specific get something else for free or at a cheaper price (soda and candy, water and gum, etc...) I am a huge fan of Cumberland Farms now. I say "now" because I used to HATE them A few years back before all the recent changes.. but they have really stepped their game up and it shows. Team Cumbys!! Lol”

3.3Good40 Reviews

“They DO seem short staffed but I'm giving them 5 stars because they are ALWAYS RUNNING trying their hardest to get everything done for everyone. No matter how busy they are I've never had a single person be rude or short with me. Always friendly and professional.”

3.2Average13 Reviews

“They have the cheapest and best gas in the area. Slightly disappointed that they change the price midday and when I went past gas was 3.25 only to become 3.31 an hour later. But they have great empanadas and coffee.”

3.3Good93 Reviews

“Nice guy behind the counter, quick math skills. Definitely need to see if he can help with spreadsheet type work. Not sure, but seems like a quick and active mind in that man. Otherwise, it's a gas station and convince store. Not nasty, but not clean.”

3.2Average52 Reviews

“Great food. I feel that they have the best bacon egg and cheeses out of any other convenient store in Middletown. Their subs are great and they are generous with their portions for a good price.”

2.8Average9 Reviews

“I live in Pennsylvania and I did a pick up order. They substituted a supplement I ordered with a stronger and more expensive version at no additional cost. I liked that. While I was there, I got a box of Russell Stover chocolates on clearance which made me happy.”

2.6Average14 Reviews

“I love my morning stops for coffee or tea, depends on what I’m in the mood for. I’ve been a customer of the Quickcheck for about 2 yrs. Lately I noticed the coffee area to be extra clean and organized. I go in a few times after and the floors are shinning. I knew they had to be an employee who cared enough about the cleanliness. I observed and found that there is an employee responsible for this her name is Sara. I approached her and thanked her. I hope she sticks around she’s awesome. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

3Average72 Reviews

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