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“My decades with Ralph and his many excellent mechanics has been a tremendous blessing for my family and our fleet of cars over these many years. We always had pre-owned (used) ones and many were supplied by Ralph. He has never let us down. Always helped get the best troubleshoot done and tried his best to keep repair costs fair and reasonable. I been to some terrible car repair shops over the years and it has been so wonderful to be able to finally trust my cars to Ralph.I can’t say enough to recommend you take your car to him first. Any make or model, he can handle it.Services: Electrical repair”

4.8Superb97 Reviews

“Went there based on reviews and was not disappointed. The alternator on my wife's Honda Pilot went out and we drove straight there. They offered to drop us off, since we were local. Fixed the car and the price was cheaper than first quoted. Car is running so far and no issues.”

4.7Superb29 Reviews

“One of few Gas station around that have E 85 gas available that alone deserves 5 star. Overall clean convenient Gas station.Also credit and cash is the same price”

4.3Superb35 Reviews

“I usually pass this gas station on my way to and from work. They only accept cash for gas. They have an ATM inside if needed. They carry snacks. They also sell lottery. Not a bad place to fill up your tank, grab some snacks and lottery on your way to and from work.”

4.1Good24 Reviews

“Out of the few places around this one is ok gas prices are ok and the little store has everything you need with very attentive staff. OK place to fill up your tank.”

4.4Superb5 Reviews

“Started using this company in August this year and right away was impressed with their forthrightness and honesty regarding fuel oil prices and billing practices. I had previously dealt with a large supplier that had been charging double the legal tax allowed on fuel deliveries, ( they finally paid me after I complained.) If you asked what the fuel oil price was, they would refuse to tell you and advise you to wait for the bill. The also gouged on oil prices. DSD lets you know what the daily price is as soon as the dispatcher takes your order so you always know exactly what to expect without having to ask. If you overpay, they promptly credit your account for the next time. I was surprised at how easy it was to order fuel oil ; usually some companies require 2 or 3 days before your delivery arrives. If you leave a message for them, they call you promptly to confirm. The main delivery driver is helpful and punctual. I have never had any difficulty with the phone dispatchers and found them to be professional, friendly, and informative. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for good fuel oil delivery, good prices, and boiler service. LDDG , Whistle!!!”

5Superb2 Reviews

“A little dicey at nite, people hanging out asking to pump your gas for you for change, I'm glad my husband has always been there with me, gas prices are not too bad .......”

4Good38 Reviews
3.7Good3 Reviews
3.5Good21 Reviews

“So glad they redid this place. Definitely my go-to spot for gas and store. Always a good price but I downloaded the Sinclair app and it gave me 10 cents off even though I used my own credit card. With that deal I’ll be a customer for a long time.”

2.9Average10 Reviews

“The service is of aPlace that knows what he/she/them/her/him/they is doing and will tell you what’s needed. Now if you go some where else and the service is either “better” or/and “cheaper.” Great keep going there. But don’t put down anyone business due to HONEST and NO SCAMS at all! Just HONESTY‼️ SimpleOh and if thee “counter person” talks of “oh she scammed, another one.” Then it should have been brought to the company owner not social media?Now that’s my OPINION ?”

3.2Average39 Reviews

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