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“Let me start by saying I’ve always used another shop. I called them in a pinch. I needed something done ASAP. They were able to get me in that morning, and diagnosed my issue very quickly. Pricing was super reasonable. The staff was amazing. After the diagnosis, I had to get a couple parts. He got me in the next morning and the truck is all fixed now! I felt very well taken care of going there. More than I ever have at another shop. Found my new mechanic!Services: General repairs”

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“The only place in town I found with a road force tire balancer. They measured my tires (from another store) as all out of spec and not repairable. This is what I suspected with an ongoing vibration yet a good balance. I'll be going back to get my summer set of tires road force balanced as well.”

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“Came in today to check oil issue. Ryan at Mavis told us that is was a ball joint, sway bar links, and a sensor. They got us in promptly and did an amazing job!!! Thank you so much!!!”

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“This place is great. I needed tires emergently...again!.. Ordered and on the car in less than 36 hours. All the staff are personable and easy to talk to. Thanks again!!!Service: Tires”

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“Tradition Ford service staff is very friendly, helpful and thorough with their work. The wait was short and less expensive than I planned so that was a bonus. Thanks again”

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“We worked with JJ Warters and his father Jeremy. They were both very accommodating and helped us to find a financial plan that would meet our budget. We felt like we were treated fairly and quickly as well.”

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“I've been coming back here for years and I've always had a good experience. I never need to worry about paying extra for things I don't need and I can trust these guys will do a great job.”

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“Big Mike was always there when we needed him. We paid and he gave service which is how it works. And if we come back to the state I will be back again. Keep up the good work guys! thinking of you! Got some work coming your way. Betty and Lee”

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“Great business whether you just need an inspection, or emergency roadside assistance. Definitely recommend. Friendly staff and overall, just a nice local business”

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“Great people, been going to see Phil and Eian for a long time for all of my repairs. They have always been honest with me and given me the repair needed at a fair price. Every time I leave my car with them I know it's in good hands. These guys can really fix anything. Big or small.”

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“Super good service and parts. I’ve been in business over 27 years and always use this store. Top notch professional service. Quality parts and delivery. Good fair prices. This place is the best. I’ve used them all. No other parts stores come close.”

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“Took my GMC in for service due to the tailgate button quit working, common problem from what I have read. Service went well and even took care of a recall. They replaced both buttons on the tailgate and they both work but the buttons were put on in reverse order. I haven't worried about it since they do work but the tech should know in which order they should be.”

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“Kevin worked with me on the issues from the tires I had installed at Walmart. Little did I know that Walmart tires are specifically made for Walmart and even though I got Goodyear tires they are not good Goodyear tires at all. About a month and a half after getting the tires on I returned to work and was driving daily, which I was then noticing issues with handling, loud road noise and pulsation in the peddles while driving. The faster I drove the worse it was. After calling Walmart 4 times, then calling Goodyear and being denied a claim so I could get different legit good tires, I brought my car here for tire balance and to check them out and make sure there is no issue. Kevin was great the entire time, answered my questions, went above and beyond for me and after a week of stressful calls and round and round I feel like someone finally is listening and understanding. Kevin threw in a free tire rotation as well, which was so nice of him to do! Not only did they get me in within 30 minutes of calling them but they were wonderful to work with and I really appreciate both Kevin and Destiny's help with everything and for also listening to my rant of what I've dealt with all week. All this to say, don't go to Walmart for tires even if it saves you money. Go somewhere reputable like Monroe and pay the extra to have peace of mind!”

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