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“Shauna was great. We had to wait not even a minute and she appeared from the back- full store. Best service. Proves that reputation is wrong: great customer service! And problemSolved in less than 10 minutes. With a smile”

4.3Superb128 Reviews

“Always a wait. They do tons of business there. I think it might be time to move to a larger location.Update. 8/22 no lines. You can have the place to yourself now.”

4.3Superb56 Reviews

“Stopped into the Oneonta store to help me with a problem setting up my email on my phone. I was assisted by Christian who was one of the best customer service guys I’ve met in a long time. He happily set up my phone and didn’t make me feel like the out dated senior citizen that I am. The other two assistants were friendly and helpful as well. What a positive experience! Thank you! Definitely going back when another question/problem presents itself.”

4.3Superb9 Reviews

“I love this job... Great place to work.. learn Interesting things each day. I wouldn't give this job up for another one.. my coworkers are awesome... It's about time I found a job I'm happy with and very comfortable 😊 this job made me have better days...”

4.2Good11 Reviews

“Went in wanting to become a cricket customer but the female was about as helpful as a wet noodle and very condescending. I realize I am not very technologically astute but you could just get she didn’t appreciate that, so I left.”

4.1Good52 Reviews

“Working here , our staff goes above & beyond to delight our customers. Our supervisors are spectacular too . Just a GREAT feeling to be a BIG part of our team . Takes the whole team to make it . Small things make a BIG Impact .”

3.8Good12 Reviews

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