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“The staff at Publix are so much more helpful than any other grocery store. When you go to the customer service counter, there is always someone there. I know because I frequently have to get money orders, and there’s always someone there to help. You won’t find this at Ingles, where it’s a challenge to get any help at the service desk. Also, Ingles managers are always rude. Publix also has the best bakery items. Cookies, cake, it is all so good. They also sell a lot of grocery items that you won’t find anywhere else.”

4.3 Superb66 Reviews

“Its a great place - I come in a few times a week & get the special home breakfast. The people who work there are really cool, and the prices on their products are reasonable.I really appreciate the reasonable prices as well as their selection of unique products that they sell.”

4.7 Superb22 Reviews

“I like going to Aldi's. They usually have better prices than other places and comparable items. It was really nice going there today during the day when there were a lot of people. So I really enjoyed that even more.”

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“Feral children sprint down the isles while a young white man with a single dreadlock sings loudly while perusing the vegetable isle. Carts veir wildly like Atlanta traffic. Coughing and chaos. An old woman hunkering over a cart meanders towards the checkout, she is no match for the fast walkers. Will no one help her? Will no one let her in? Fair trade bags filled to the brim with crunchy granola only to return and be filled again and again until the only crunch is the soft click of the carts being returned to their cold orderly prison. They stand in solemn repose, waiting for their next mission.”

4.1 Good59 Reviews

“Excellent grocery store. Fantastic bakery, deli, and hot/cold food sections. Friendly staff as well. If you need groceries while in the area, this one is the place to go!”

4.1 Good59 Reviews

“Love these guys and galz... they are always helpful and honest... we read the price wrong to send oxxo... the next time I came in she had it waiting for me... it's in the perfect spot too... being east asheville doesn't have Hispanic Markets...”

4.4 Superb4 Reviews

“It's clean, well managed, they are rarely out of anything. I can find stuff in the right places, never really seen anything outta place or date. Every worker I've came across was respectful and helpful.”

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“I highly recommend. Wonderful stores, each. They have salad bars, hot and cold food for take out. Oh and the Starbucks in each. Each one I visited had awsome employees. Plus it's a few dollars cheaper than the regular drive thru starbucks.The grocery stores have a great selection of domestic and international products. Wonderful selection of fresh veggies and meats. Most even have lamb. The brisket is great and the pulled pork. Just throw some Carolina sauce on it and slaw. Mmm. Fantastic employees in each store I have been in so far.”

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