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“Small very packed Asian market, but they have lots of fresh choices in seafood and meat, fruit, Asian vegetables. But most of all they have fresh jackfruit. The employees are very helpful.”

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“I’ve been shopping at Kim’s for about two years now and have nothing but excellent things to say. I try to make an effort to support small, family-owned businesses as much as possible, because I value the connections you can surely make with those who run them. I’ve been very fortunate to become close with Daniel and his wonderful parents through visiting their lovely store. It’s always a pleasure to stop by and immediately be be met with kindness and treated like a dear friend. It’s so special to find meaningful connections like that, so I’m very grateful for this store and the sweetest family behind it! ( ˊᵕˋ )♡Not to mention the selection is extensive, organized and well-priced. I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve bought from here ~ even when I try new and unfamiliar things. Notable items include the homemade kimchi and my favorite little jasmine tea drink, as well the amazing selection of sweets and housewares. You can find beautiful sake sets and bowls adorned with cats and other cute little designs. The kimchi here is quite honestly THE BEST in Asheville ~ the flavor is perfectly authentic, and needless to say I’ll never be buying kimchi from any other markets again. Kim’s forever! <3”

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“I love Trader Joe's, but come with patience!!! This store is a zoo, at all hours. The parking lot is a zoo. The isles are a zoo. But the staff is lovely! Please add another Trader Joe's in the Asheville region.”

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“The prices here are what I feel things should actually cost. As long as you're not picky on brands, you'll be able to cut your monthly grocery bill in half.”

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“I've been coming here since I was a kid and I'm 49 years old. This is a great place to get fresh produce, niche items made by mountain artisans and just a good place to walk around and look at all the wares, flowers and even check out DJ's pickles! These are hardworking folks and you can get much more healthy items for the same price or not much more as you would find at a regular grocery store and you're supporting truly local businesses. Check 'em out-”

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“The staff at Publix are so much more helpful than any other grocery store. When you go to the customer service counter, there is always someone there. I know because I frequently have to get money orders, and there’s always someone there to help. You won’t find this at Ingles, where it’s a challenge to get any help at the service desk. Also, Ingles managers are always rude. Publix also has the best bakery items. Cookies, cake, it is all so good. They also sell a lot of grocery items that you won’t find anywhere else.”

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“Its a great place - I come in a few times a week & get the special home breakfast. The people who work there are really cool, and the prices on their products are reasonable.I really appreciate the reasonable prices as well as their selection of unique products that they sell.”

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“The deli makes amazing sandwiches, and is so kind and accommodating. As a very picky eater they always go above and beyond and never make me feel like I’m being a burden. We love the deli at west village market.”

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“This store never seases to amaze us with its assortiment, cleanliness, freshness, intelegence of employees,and of course, the owner, Tatiana who is always honestly advises us on the best quality products! The best store!”

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“I like going to Aldi's. They usually have better prices than other places and comparable items. It was really nice going there today during the day when there were a lot of people. So I really enjoyed that even more.”

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“This place is awesome there kind giving a real even to a vagrent and his who hound I'm loyal grateful customer they get every drop of my business They also have great selection of front for my to be world famous brandy they even carry rabit quail frog legs all kind of random things another great thing is they get a different stock if looking at outsidedisent look all that flashy it's definitely towards the old version of a grocery store they don't have self checkout which is nothing to the kindnedness iv received out of 100 this store gets a 95 presentation would catch more eyes but staff gets the heart”

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“I needed some elk, bison, and grass fed beef for a special recipe for our son. I couldn’t find the elk, but a wonderful employee, who knew exactly where everything should be, went above and beyond by taking out every package in the frozen elk row and found what I needed!Then, the young man at checkout was not only very pleasant and efficient, he actually did a perfect job of bagging the food! I had watched him bag for 2 other customers before me and he was careful with the produce and the more delicate items like eggs and bread!I wish I had paid attention to their names! This occurred on Sunday morning —the first gentleman was a tall man with light colored hair and the cashier had dark hair. I hope that management will thank them for me!”

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“Irish was super amazing and helpful! I had a wonderful experience! Her knowledge and recommendations of the products were very professional and greatly appreciated! The tea was very delicious! This is a great place to stop and grab some tea! If you see Irish, that’s a plus! She was so friendly! 10/10 experience”

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“Feral children sprint down the isles while a young white man with a single dreadlock sings loudly while perusing the vegetable isle. Carts veir wildly like Atlanta traffic. Coughing and chaos. An old woman hunkering over a cart meanders towards the checkout, she is no match for the fast walkers. Will no one help her? Will no one let her in? Fair trade bags filled to the brim with crunchy granola only to return and be filled again and again until the only crunch is the soft click of the carts being returned to their cold orderly prison. They stand in solemn repose, waiting for their next mission.”

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“Excellent grocery store. Fantastic bakery, deli, and hot/cold food sections. Friendly staff as well. If you need groceries while in the area, this one is the place to go!”

4.1 Good59 Reviews

“Nice place. I've been there many times and I put up a review before and the place is still great and has lots of nice things and the stores clean and the people are nice. Just a little bit more expensive than average.”

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“Great store but how do i have to pay for a bag to carry my groceries home but yet i get all this meat packaging?!? I think we are pinching pennies in the wrong places???”

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“mochi, lychee, seaweed, noodles, sauces, snacks, and more! my favorite Asian Market in town. fairly accessible for wheelchair users. be aware the isles are narrow (it's because there's so much tasty options!)”

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“I really wanted to buy roasted chicken pulled off the bone. I bought it some months ago and it was absolutely DELICIOUS and so handy for a variety of dishes. But alas it is not available since the left overs are used in other store dishes. Harris Teeter and Aldi sell this pulled chick regularly BUT yours is better. Please consider carrying it!! Thank you.”

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“They have bags of tobacco and tubes, the only way to smoke now, it's cheaper than buying a pack of smokes and got Fuel, don't want to talk about how much Fuel mysteriously, went sky high, with the current regime in the White House.”

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“Stopped in here during my trip to Asheville to look around and grab something for lunch instead of paying $30 at a restaurant elsewhere downtown. I'm so glad I did! The store was very clean and seemed to have a pretty large inventory of goods to choose from. I appreciated the fresh meals available! My curry chicken wrap and sweet potato kale salad were both delicious. The staff were very kind and attentive. Great choice for fresh, feel-good food!”

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“Ingles is an exceptional grocery store! From the moment I walked in, I was impressed by the cleanliness and organization of the store. The wide selection of fresh produce, quality meats, and a variety of international products always exceeds my expectations. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you with a smile. Ingles consistently delivers on freshness, affordability, and customer service, making it my go-to grocery destination. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a fantastic shopping experience.”

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“I am in and out of Whole Foods often as I do delivery for them. Staff is always helpful and friendly. Store is clean, well organized, and carries fresh delicious choices. Their grab and go foods plus self checkout are incredible when you are tight on time!”

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“Very well stocked little store with assorted bulk dry beans, quesos & cremas, nice fresh produce and more. I will definitely come hungry next time so I can try some taquitos!”

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“They have a tire air station there that accepts credit cards if ya don't have change. Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure for better wear, handling and fuel economy.”

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“Great little place. very surprised at the selection in there. the gentleman running the place was very nice and friendly. i bought some kvass from him. i can not find this anywhere where im from and i found a little piece of heaven in Asheville i will always shop here for my eastern European needs. спасибо вам за вашу доброту, я желаю вам больших успехов в жизни и вашем бизнесе.”

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“Our favorite grocery store in town. Last visit we got great deals on salmon and ribeye and my mom found three gallon jugs of chili garlic sauce and a bunch of organic vanilla extract that she said was cheaper than imitation vanilla at sams and I’ve literally never seen her happier. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

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“The store is always stocked with the things I need. I am disabled and it's hard for me to get to a big grocery store while lugging around a oxygen tank. Perfect location for me.”

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“So glad to have found this lively supermarket! The butcher is helpful with fresh meats, and the bakery is my favorite part. A little small inside, but tidy. They also have a variety of Santa Muerte candles. Friendly service, too.”

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