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“Country club market is the first market where I didn’t feel like a customer but family. When I bring my kids every cashier make them feel welcomed. They let me pump my gas first so that way I can actually fill up my tank instead of guessing. They even helped me when my wife was pregnant and craving Yoo-hoo. Thank you”

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“I stop by buck savers when I'm in Lincolnton to see friends and family ive never tried the gas just snacks and drinks. Also they up graded and put a pizza maker in and yes they are good so now when I stop in I order one. If your in Lincolnton try them out Ms Regina will be glad to see your smiling faces and serve you with a smile.”

4.5Superb29 Reviews

“Most helpful , friendly and appreciates your business. Always has shelves stocked. Has enough help to take care of business. Just a great place to purchase gas, sandwiches and almost anything else you need.”

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“Wow!!! Unique store inside and out with great service!! Locally operated and owned business here in Vale NC! Rebecca’S Country Store is a great stop for gas ⛽️ gas and produce and snack foods! Stop in ..and check out her special’s!! She offers selling beverages for the adults and cigarettes! You have to check the store is so awesome!! Just right outside of Lincolnton off of the Reepsville Road! Close to downtown Lincolnton about 4 miles! You must try the coffee and check it out-some of the neat things she has to-offer! Support your local businesses!”

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“This place has a drive thru window that most stores don't have! Perfect with those with disabilities, or kids in the car! Friendly, affordable, large tobacco / beer selection.”

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“This is a great store and I have to get premium gas cause that's what my car runs on so they are always the cheapest and so this is where I usually get my gas. I seen a monkey in there one day from YouTube. It was cool. It's not American owned store like some other convenience stores now but it's a good store and they are nice people. Thank you Raceway. ?”

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“Westside Market is my favorite Convenient store to stop the on the way home!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. The owners know us by name and knows exactly what products that we buy and they keep them in stock! They give me a really good feeling when I walk in by greeting me and I always leave with a smile on my face! 😃. They have great gas prices and great deals on their snack foods! The market even has a grill inside you must come in and check out some of the good food and don't forget your lottery 🎫 tickets!”

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“I come here 1 a week to deliver goods, got to say the cheese burgers are world famous and I should know, I've been around the world twice! Awesome people who are polite and courteous so stop on by pick you up something today”

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“I was in a huge hurry while my fiance was in tbe ER needing antibiotics to go home, pharmacist have great advice about the antibiotic and was quick to fill it I was on my way in less than 15 minutes”

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“Very Great place to stop and get gas car wash and even something out of the deli the customers are very happy when they leave the lady working even helped me out”

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“Debbie is an absolute Saint. My kids and I were victims of a hit and run on 321 and the officer had us pull in here so my 3 year old could potty. She instantly could tell something was wrong and jumped to help. She held my 16 month old and tried to calm her while I helped my 3 year old. She constantly checked on us, offering drinks and anything she could. Her kindness is something I will NEVER forget and I hope that those above her know what a great person they have working for them and representing their store.”

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“I LOVE THIS PLACE! I drive up to the gas station and was immediately tackled and pinned to the ground and received a mask on my face. I was so relieved that the employees here cared about mine and their well-being! Not only was I grappled to the ground and given a mask, I was offered a smoke from one of the employees outside the store. I was beyond excited to purchase a Twix bar from this gas station and then purchase some gas. I felt outstandingly safe.”

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“THIS POST IS FOR GARY.....He is the ONLY reason we have not transferred to another pharmacy.I said to him one day that if you ever go work somewhere else please let us know. He is the most wonderful, sweet, caring person at the Walgreens in Lincolnton, North Carolina. As long as he is employed there we will stay. Thank you Gary.”

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“I am the new manager here at Little Market Basket 19 and I’m hoping everyone that’s had a disappointing experience will please come back. We’re now open 24 hours and the door is never locked. We serve hotdogs, cheddarwurst, egg rolls, and pizza rolls during the day. We keep deli sandwiches already premade (EBT accepted) and fresh. Items stay stocked and updated. We’ve got Slushie’s for .99!! Beer cooler stays open now until 1:50AM and is stocked every Thursday! I keep a friendly staff and a clean store. Sometimes small stores can be the best welcome!”

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“I'm the new store manager for this location and I'm working very hard to clean up and get the store stocked and retagged with correct prices we are being remodeled in April and getting new pumps also! Plz feel free to contact me with any issues or concerns thanks ?”

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“Not real fond of the 'check yourself out' register. CVS is missing a chance to have one on one relationship with their customer base. Although the associate's up front are always helpful and offer to assist in your check out.”

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