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4.6Superb8 Reviews

“I am glad there is a Hispanic grocer extra close to me. They are great for picking up those seasonings that you need when you need the flavor in the cooking. They also have a restaurant inside as well, but if you want to grab something from there, you might want to go early in the day. Inside is also an Amazon locker if you want to pick up some packages. #464”

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“Honestly, insurance has never been easier. I moved frequently around Carolina and made changes to different policies. Frankie and Lauri would work to give me any discount possible, would thoroughly explain situations if I had questions, and were SUPER polite; the best customer service. I made it a point to ALWAYS stick with them until my recent move out-of-state.”

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“This is the best, if not the absolute best food lion place! Everyone working there is so helpful, kind and very attentive to customers needs. Very service professional and all guys are fast, obserative ALWAYS. Thanks guys for doing your job fun in a normally not so fun place. I can really see the true dedication it's not just a job.”

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“Even though I might shop elsewhere on occasion, this is always what I compare all others too. Good selection. Friendliest people in the business. They will open a new check out line in a heartbeat if there is a line. Great customer service and decent prices.”

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“I'm a fan, indeed! We found this place yesterday when we had lunch in the same strip mall. The produce section is amazing. Everything we saw and bought was fresh, and the prices were comparable to Wal-Mart and Food Lion (but I think this is locally owned). We were surprised to find a tiny restaurant just past the produce! Since we'd already eaten, we want to try it another time. The store is very clean and very well organized, with a ton of international foods (including cheeses) and spices. We even found a small sitting area and a small wine section. Great local store!”

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“I've shopped here for more than 15 years, and my experiences have always been very good. This is a very fine store - always very clean, brightly lit, very well-laid-out, products are attractively arranged and easy to find, and with excellent customer service. The produce section is amazing, with a very large offering of fresh fruits and vegetables and an variety of specialty cheeses, dips, sauces and spreads. I really like the cheese selection - in my opinion it's the best of all the big area chains, with prices comparable to BJ's and Costco (which are my second-place choices for cheese and dairy). Bakery? A wondrous section of delights to tempt anyone! I come here most often when I need a cake for a special occasion. I always get my birthday cake here; white cake with Bavarian Creme filling and buttercream frosting, and it's better than the ones I used to order in Texas from Lucy's Cakes, which was voted Best In Austin for five years straight! You can trust them to deliver a delicious, exquisitely decorated cake for a fraction of what you'd pay at a specialty bakery. Breads are equally superior in quality - try their French and Italian! I get my pies here for holidays because they're better than homemade. Meat Market: theirs is, in my opinion, THE best in the Raleigh-Durham area. Lowe's has the best and biggest selection outside of an actual butcher shop, and at better prices. I often shop here just for the meat! The wine selection has very good quality and also gets the best marks of all the other supermarkets I've shopped at in the RDU area. The downside: prices on many basic grocery items are noticeably higher than several other big-chain grocery stores, especially Harris Teeter, Wal-Mart and Food Lion. Their self-checkout lane can be frustrating to use, especially if you have a large order. The auto-system always stops, refused to continue and sounds off with a request to leave all my sacks in the cart and not move them until the transaction is complete. If you have a large order, you quickly run out of space. If you've got a full cart don't use the self-checkout. It's also timed out and forced me to wait for an attendant because I "took too much time" trying to rearrange my sacks without taking them off the stand! Great supermarket and my #1 recommendation for bakery, dairy, meat and wine and beer, outside a specialty wine shop or liquor store!”

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“Clean, newly redone, everything you'd expect from a Walgreens: cosmetics, cards, over the counter meds, full pharmacy, seasonal gifts, toys, and decorations, candy, wine, beer, limited cold foods, lots of snacks, medical supplies, hair coloring, vitamins, supplements, magazines, and so on. You get the idea. There is a free blood pressure screening area and private room for flu shots and such. Also automatic pharmacy refills are available with text reminders when it is time to pick up. I enjoy walking to Ridgewood Shopping Center and the Walgreens manager also dogs to accompany you. Cashiers are always friendly and they do have a rewards program.”

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“This is a new store. It used to be Kroger. This Food Lion has a nice produce department and a lot of local products, as well as a good international section. In fact, they have the largest selection of kosher/Jewish/Israeli products I've seen at an area supermarket, including Gabila's knishes. The staff are friendly and service is good. My only criticism would be this--the shopping carts are pretty far from the entrance and may be difficult to get for the elderly or people with disabilities. I would suggest moving the cart section closer to the door. It would be easy to do.”

3.5Good8 Reviews
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5Superb2 Reviews

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