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“Yesterday I had a completely charmed visit to the Ingles store in Weaverville. For two months last year, April and May, I lived out in the mountains near this store. I was, at that time, extremely impressed with the store. The young high school cashiers struck me as being quite different from the typical checked-out Asheville high school kids behind the cash registers. They were fun, engaged, and interesting. I discovered the secret of that high level of morale was a particular woman front-end manager. I used to teach customer service in the Earth Fare store in Asheville, where I was a cashier myself. I said to her one evening, "These kids are actually having fun at work. What's your secret?" She told me that her driving focus was to "take the pressure off them". As a result, they genuinely had a good time at work - and were great to deal with. She really believed that her job as their manager was to make their work easier and more effective, not just to "manage" them. Yesterday, Jessica Chandler - one of the store managers - helped me with a problem I was having with my iPhone. I told her I needed to connected to Wi-Fi and to power in order to download my data. This went beyond your typical level of customer service, but she was happy to do it. Ingles stores tend to be clean and bright, with wide aisles and a great variety of products. I have been an Ingles Advantage Card frequent shopper for over 16 years. In that time, I have bought many thousands of dollars of merchandise from the various stores in Asheville - and now, in the last year, all over the western North Carolina "high mountains" north of Asheville. In that time, I have discovered that the further you get from the Asheville corporate office, the better the managers tend to be: more friendly, engaged and hands-on - less impressed with their own white shirts. As I was leaving yesterday, Jessica was bagging groceries - a big difference from many of the city managers who never engage with staff or customers and seldom leave their ivory tower up at the customer service desk. Congratulations to Steve Crawford and his team in the Weaverville store for a really well-run, high morale, customer-service-oriented grocery store!”

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“Well, I work for this organization so perhaps my review is going to be a little bit biased. But is retail bank scale I thoroughly enjoy this branch for everything you do for me whether it's a quick deposit research on my account or more complex transaction like wire transfers and always know that who what where when how and why to get the job done quick and efficient sleep with a smile on your face.”

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