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“Serena was amazing! So helpful sizing my wedding band and making sure I ordered exactly what I wanted. I have used them a few times and will definitely recommend. Thank you Serena for making my experience wonderful!!”

4.8 Superb148 Reviews

“Came to this shop for the first time and I came here cuz I had been a few before and everybody at all the shops try to take you know advantage of somebody needing a loan and the merchandise they had to offer for collateral or whatever and I was reading reviews on this store and it said something about one of the best most honest and fair people when it comes to giving a loan about your collateral or with your collateral so I figured you know what I'm going to go down there try it out needless to say absolutely blown away I needed a loan for a certain amount I had certain amount of merchandise to offer for collateral the owner didn't even accept all the collateral he said hey I give you the loan for this much he didn't even want the rest of it I mean when you talking about fair and honest and you someone that you need a loan for something you would be crazy to go anywhere else in Dayton Ohio area hell I'd come here if I lived in Cincinnati area just drive up here just because this shop is ran by a man that is authentically fair and non-judgmental it seemed to be willing to help in any way no matter what. Literally took me about 5 minutes and less than the merchandise I brought to get the loan I needed and asked for no questions asked this is by far the best pawn shop neither been through in in this area I mean I'm just speechless really I couldn't believe how fair this man really was I seen the reviews and I thought nah I mean maybe sort of no it's the truth and he's got the cheapest finance for your loan you than any other store around you would be crazy I say to go anywhere besides this place if you need a loan in the Dayton Ohio area”

4.7 Superb66 Reviews

“Took my wife’s wedding ring to Gordon’s to be resized and refitted. The company that they send rings off to does fantastic work, dropped my jaw when I saw how beautiful it was once it was returned. Gordon’s are a great pair to work with and were very authentic and receptive.”

4.5 Superb26 Reviews

“This lady is fantastic! She really knows her stuff and quality is her middle name? You just tell her what you want and she'll serve it right up. I bought many pieces from her she's my go-to for birthdays & holidays. I just love when a gift giving holiday comes & I get to go to Old World Jewelry and Loan. ?”

3.9 Good21 Reviews

“I couldn't ask for a better pawn shop then Loan Star pawn shop they've always helped me and everything I bring in I'd recommend them to friends and family if you need something to pawn and if they can take it this would be your pawn shop to take it to”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“I praise them, the have computer records of purchases made and can bring them up and see what you paid. And then the give a fair deal if selling your jewelry back to them!”

3.6 Good7 Reviews

“It kills me to see all these bad reviews. I’ve been trading with this shop for 25 years. The entire staff has been nothing but kind to me. As far as prices, they are a family owned establishment so if the price is a little higher, then so what. These people shop where I work and we’re trying to keep our neighbors in business. They do offer discounts and lay a way. What more can you ask for? Love the one of a kind items they offer. I appreciate having them serve the community!”

3.1 Average14 Reviews

“The Manager is awesome staff is well10 Star all over.Young lady, think she is manager Jamie could be wrong. But she always!Have the cleanest tools for sale, and always there to help when I’m in doubt and need a small loan!Hands Down, Great peopleThanksDrexel D.”

3.2 Average23 Reviews

“Amazing! Never had a problem, don't suspect I ever will. Today they pawned my PS5 & accessories for what it's worth! AFTER LOAN STAR PAWN word for word told me (You won't find a pawn shop offering more than $160) ?? what a JOKE! After that, DUGANS PAWN SHOP told me the same. Long story short, LEVS gave me what it's ACTUALLY worth. Don't shop anywhere else but LEVS!! (Unless you're interested in ignorant pawns who ASSUME they know more than you)”

1.9 Poor3 Reviews

“Great time here. My oldest got a ps4 and I got my youngest a laptop in layaway. Kind cool people. Coffee out pop water other stuff. Discount on jewelry. Great prices. Thanks Cashland. Been going here for so many year's. Always been treated great, and always good deals on everything. Purses are a little to expensive. Other than that very happy ? customer”

3.2 Average33 Reviews

“Honestly I went in there to see if they had some good video games morty and the guy made me a deal for three for $10 not too shabby for some cods and an assassins creed. Discs were perfect for Xbox one. Would go again”

3 Average19 Reviews

“Amazing place to buy! Amazing place to sell or pawn. They will work with you the best they can. Amazing staff!! Friendly and understanding!! I enjoy going in and buying frequently.”

2.4 Poor14 Reviews

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