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“Clean and well organized store. Very rarely do I wait in line more than 5 min. Staff are friendly and efficient; checkers are also on the ball as you leave the store - once saved me paying for an item I hadn't put in my cart. Thanks!”

3.6 Good37 Reviews

“I was skeptical as a first time customer. They did not have good reviews online. However, there was a beautiful jacket in the catalog that someone in my family really wanted. We called the catalog but the customer service team wasn't very knowledgable. I think the customer representatives work for various catalogs and don't have much knowledge of the product merchandise for any of them. This really frustrates me when catalogs do this as I can read the details of the item and make my purchases online by myself. When I call up customer service, I really would like to talk to someone who has knowledge about the products that cannot be found online. We waited as we weren't sure about ordering from here and also didn't want to pay for shipping if we were unsure about the product. Acorn bases their shipping charges on the price of the item and they don't offer free shipping no matter how much you buy. I knew that the price of shipping this jacket was way more than it would actually cost to ship a lightweight item and that did not sit well with me. However, we did eventually see a promotion for free shipping so we decided to give the catalog a try, just once, because we were so in love with the item. The timeline for the delivery of the item was quick. When we opened the package I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the jacket. It was a really, really nice piece. The material was so soft and silky. The construction and workmanship was excellent. It fit true to size and was absolutely perfect in every way. My family member was very pleased as it was exactly what they had been looking for. We only had one experience with this company so far and we didn't have any issues with the order and didn't have to deal with customers service or returns. I also didn't place the order during the winter holiday season so I can't comment on what that may have been like. However, the quality of the merchandise exceeded my expectations. It ended up being worth the gamble. Thumbs down for outsourcing customer service Thumbs down for not having free shipping at a certain price point Thumbs up for shipping the item quickly Thumbs up for offering a free shipping promo (just saw another one for 7/4 and my current catalog offers a code for free shipping for orders over $99) Thumbs up for the quality of the product Thumbs up for product offerings (there's some cool stuff in this catalog)”

3.5 Good22 Reviews

“We get tires from here as a whole sale retailer, and when I call and or pick up tires it’s always a quick and easy process. The staff there is always willing to help and will help find the right tire at the right price. Highly recommended for tires as they have a plethora of options.”

4.9 Superb19 Reviews

“After researching several sources, I ordered 5 lbs of Lemongrass oil. I am very pleased with the value and communication concerning my order and possible future needs. I made a big mistake in assuming the order would be five 16 oz containers. In the past, I have received various items this way.( I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all.) I do recommend Bulk Apothecary and give them a solid 5 Stars. Blessings and have a nice day.”

3.8 Good248 Reviews

“As a person that visits this Costco and observes much more positives than negatives. Just remember, with negative reviews there are two sides to every story and details that aren’t told. It’s totally unfair. I have personally witnessed some instances where the shopper was rude to the employees right in front of my eyes and made false claims. Decide for yourself!”

4 Good61 Reviews

“Smaller warehouse. Drive all the way around the back, past the automobile parking. Check in at the ramp about halfway down the building. Driver bathroom at the end of that hall. Electronic lumper payment. Average speed”

4.3 Superb22 Reviews

“Great place to pick up a load, roomy yard and docks, polite staff, clean restroom for drivers. Been picking up here every week for a while now, arriving way early for my afternoon appointments and getting loaded within an hour or two. Wish more places were this hassle free ?”

3.9 Good45 Reviews

“The easiest place to get a job... Filled out the app online and went for orientation the same day. Amazon is growing very fast. Me along with 40 other people oriented together. Two hours later everyone left and 30-40 more people were entering as were leaving. You choose your work days and the time of day you will work. Piece of cake.”

3.7 Good65 Reviews

“11/7/2023..I had a drop and hook here today. The lady at the guard booth was so nice. Make sure your trailer is clean or washed out cause they will check. I got my bills before entering onto the property. I was told which door to drop my trailer in and which door my pickup was in. Not sure about live loads but this was quick and easy. Thank you.2/23/2024..visited this customer again and again great customer service.”

4.75 Superb4 Reviews

“Friendly employees. When I parked for next day delivery...cops woke me up..told me I had to park down the road at fuel right. Thieves had been breaking in stuff.Park big rigs at fuel right down the street..... police notice !!!!”

3.9 Good7 Reviews

“Arrived 9 hours prior to appointment, they docked us and unloaded with 1 hour or so.Be polite and respectful, These guys rock,this is my 2 time coming earlier.Each time they dock me right away,thank you Coca-Cola of Macedonia. Much respect !”

3.2 Average31 Reviews

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