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“These people are really cool here.Very efficient, nice parking lot. It's a little tight, so take your time. No lumper fee, but make sure your load is secured good. If your load is messed up, then you will pay a lumper fee.”

3.6 Good32 Reviews

“I think this is a good company. I tried to order and air rifle/pump combo that I saw advertised on site but I later came to realize that my order was placed on backorder because they could not get the air pumps. Why would you sell a combo if you did not have the inventory? Usually combo deals are made to get rid of over stocked items, not items on backorder. Anyway, they have good prices and I will try this company again. Their customer service people are A #1!”

4.4 Superb55 Reviews

“Got late 25min given door right a way full trailer loaded within hour thank you all..friendly fast shipper guess what I got 2 bottle coke from vending machine for free I could take more than 2 but naahhhh 2 is enough for 1 driver. thank you Coca cola Twinsburg team.”

4.2 Good29 Reviews

“Smaller warehouse. Drive all the way around the back, past the automobile parking. Check in at the ramp about halfway down the building. Driver bathroom at the end of that hall. Electronic lumper payment. Average speed”

4.3 Superb22 Reviews

“As a person that visits this Costco and observes much more positives than negatives. Just remember, with negative reviews there are two sides to every story and details that aren’t told. It’s totally unfair. I have personally witnessed some instances where the shopper was rude to the employees right in front of my eyes and made false claims. Decide for yourself!”

3.8 Good58 Reviews

“Receiving hours 4:15 to 13;00 apointment needed, You can park here overnight only with dry van and your engine turned off, the neighborhood call to police by noise off reefers or engines”

3.9 Good23 Reviews

“11/7/2023..I had a drop and hook here today. The lady at the guard booth was so nice. Make sure your trailer is clean or washed out cause they will check. I got my bills before entering onto the property. I was told which door to drop my trailer in and which door my pickup was in. Not sure about live loads but this was quick and easy. Thank you.2/23/2024..visited this customer again and again great customer service.”

4.75 Superb4 Reviews

“The easiest place to get a job... Filled out the app online and went for orientation the same day. Amazon is growing very fast. Me along with 40 other people oriented together. Two hours later everyone left and 30-40 more people were entering as were leaving. You choose your work days and the time of day you will work. Piece of cake.”

3.7 Good65 Reviews

“For those who come here for the first time: There is a booth at the entrance, go into it with your license and pickup number, they communicate via a walkie-talkie, you scan your license yourself in a small device on the bottom left. They load very slowly, but once they load, you lose several hours. It is difficult to back up even with the doors already open, because... there is very little space. Office in the middle of the building.”

3.8 Good22 Reviews

“Nice folks. Be on time. This is why I do business at Best Buy, they have a truck driver's break room and on the table are mints and doggy treats for your furry beastie. Many warehouses don't have a bathroom, this one does. Do your best to be on time and they will accommodate you. Professional! Thank you.”

3.6 Good17 Reviews

“I was skeptical as a first time customer. They did not have good reviews online. However, there was a beautiful jacket in the catalog that someone in my family really wanted. We called the catalog but the customer service team wasn't very knowledgable. I think the customer representatives work for various catalogs and don't have much knowledge of the product merchandise for any of them. This really frustrates me when catalogs do this as I can read the details of the item and make my purchases online by myself. When I call up customer service, I really would like to talk to someone who has knowledge about the products that cannot be found online. We waited as we weren't sure about ordering from here and also didn't want to pay for shipping if we were unsure about the product. Acorn bases their shipping charges on the price of the item and they don't offer free shipping no matter how much you buy. I knew that the price of shipping this jacket was way more than it would actually cost to ship a lightweight item and that did not sit well with me. However, we did eventually see a promotion for free shipping so we decided to give the catalog a try, just once, because we were so in love with the item. The timeline for the delivery of the item was quick. When we opened the package I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the jacket. It was a really, really nice piece. The material was so soft and silky. The construction and workmanship was excellent. It fit true to size and was absolutely perfect in every way. My family member was very pleased as it was exactly what they had been looking for. We only had one experience with this company so far and we didn't have any issues with the order and didn't have to deal with customers service or returns. I also didn't place the order during the winter holiday season so I can't comment on what that may have been like. However, the quality of the merchandise exceeded my expectations. It ended up being worth the gamble. Thumbs down for outsourcing customer service Thumbs down for not having free shipping at a certain price point Thumbs up for shipping the item quickly Thumbs up for offering a free shipping promo (just saw another one for 7/4 and my current catalog offers a code for free shipping for orders over $99) Thumbs up for the quality of the product Thumbs up for product offerings (there's some cool stuff in this catalog)”

3.5 Good22 Reviews

“Clean and well organized store. Very rarely do I wait in line more than 5 min. Staff are friendly and efficient; checkers are also on the ball as you leave the store - once saved me paying for an item I hadn't put in my cart. Thanks!”

3.1 Average14 Reviews

“I did some remodel work in this building and I interacted and coordinated with management and staff and I have to say that everyone is professional polite helpful and very grateful. What a nice environment to work in. Good job, Mattress Firm wherehouse Solon, Oh.”

1.4 Poor5 Reviews

“(Checked 0830 completed at 1100 on a Sunday morning)So Far So GoodI read all the reviews to prepare myself.Yes follow the sign for a Steel Company at History Ave....make Right..( at the Light to the top right you will See a Red Delivery sign.) Their on the right but make the Left and you will see signs for All Trucks to the Right. Park along fence and Walk to Guard Shack. I was greeted by 1 nice fella ...he was very pleasant and I told him I could have come from yesterday he said...You never know if anything you could have just waited. But they take you early. My appt is for 1330 and I got a Door at 0830...( I had Tissue) who turns away Tissue??..Anyways you back to your door and walk to Door 127 and there was the tension/attitude.... like. .she was mad at the world or I was bothering her to just simply check in???.. people like that are immature/hurt/damaged and dont know any better.....she will heal one day.They give you your packet and your walk to the Lumpers to your Right and they call you. THEY DO TAKE BREAKS AT 930-945 LUNCH 12-1230 AND 2-230 (if I remember correctly)Theres a sign at the check In windowIm sure this is Union WarehouseMost Union Jobs have all those BreaksYou will see them walking by as your waiting in your truck so don't take offense ...it is what it is...”

2.7 Average124 Reviews

“I had a good experience the last time I was here. If I had anything to complain about, it would be that finding it is not exactly easy. Hopefully they will start putting big direction signs up as we get off the highway.”

2.2 Poor42 Reviews

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