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“I come here quite often. The staff is always very friendly and hard working. My only complaint is that the prices on the shelf NEVER reflect what they ring up at the register. I will use the circle K brand of jerky for example. It’s labeled for $1. I got 2 and they rang up at $1.49 each and in the end took off only .49c total instead of .49 on both! I’m always having to ask the staff to adjust my total to reflect what the shelf says. The jerky hasn’t been the only problem. I come here for snacks often and it seems to always be this way.”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“Just have to share that this is my 'Go To' gas station. The staff are always pleasant and personable with me. I so appreciate this. As a mature woman, auto shops and gas stations intimidate me a bit. During my last visit, I met Marcus, who was exceptionally friendly and a joy to briefly chat with. I hope that he gets to assist me in the future. Nice Nice young man!”

3.2 Average13 Reviews
3.3 Good7 Reviews

“I go wherever they have the cheapest gas I use Marathon only and they was the cheapest gas close by me and that gas stations always nice and friendly if you're in a need of a decent gas station your gas is usually cheap that's what we need today cheap gas I highly recommend them”

2.9 Average24 Reviews

“I love Sheets because they didn't charge for air, like for your tires, nor do they charge for the ATM. Plus their food for order is pretty decent too. Thanks guys!”

2.8 Average38 Reviews

“Bestest place in akron as far as customer service goes. Super friendly employees ..the assistant manager kinda blows but you'll have that bs from time to time. Clean quick service great deals w their rewards program and gas prices are the best in stow. Highly recommend”

2.7 Average35 Reviews

“Is right across the street from a Sheetz. There isn't as many people coming to the BP which makes it less crowded or as the sheets has far better selection of snacks not to mention the sheets is a lot cleaner”

2.7 Average26 Reviews

“Nice gas station close to the store. I’m just glad they put a gas station in this general area. Never had an issue at this gas station. I have also never been inside.”

2.7 Average6 Reviews
1.8 Poor18 Reviews

“It's an OK location... It gets super busy and is small... If they were to reverse the gas pumps and the store, rebuild it at a 2 story building they could add more pumps and create more space. Always friendly staff!”

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