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“We MUST USE this store in Lordstown if we don't feel like driving 12+ miles to the nearest store for every day items. I have to give them credit , they usually have the necessary items. And the store is kept pretty clean for the most part!! GO LORDSTOWN!!!!”

4.3 Superb60 Reviews

“It's a dollar store.. Watch what you buy a and compare shopSometimes. Dollar item is more expensive than the discounted regular items..Lots of stuff good deals definitely great shopping...”

4.3 Superb43 Reviews

“Ashley was very helpful and polite. Very patient and really seem to love her job. Store seems to be cleaner and running more smoothly. I reccommend this DG to everyone I know. Keep up the good work DG.”

4.2 Good60 Reviews

“This is one of my favorite Dollar Trees. The cashiers are all super nice and customers are great too. If it wasn't too far I'd definitely stop in more. Got my stuff and rang up super fast. This location was stocked more on Halloween items than other Dollar Trees around. The only thing I hate is how people park up against the building and in front of the entrance. It makes it super difficult to push a cart through the cars without damaging them. There's enough parking spots that you can park in a spot.”

4.4 Superb16 Reviews

“This store is very nice.The clerks are friendly and helpful no matter what Family Dollar you go to .. Clerks are very Happy as they greet each customer & have helped me find what l was looking for if needed .They have what l need for my home .The prices are reasonable .”

4.2 Good36 Reviews

“I love my local Dollar General! I'm a regular there I live right around the corner and my husband and family are always sending me up there to get things. The girls that work there are so awesome and amazing! The store is always clean and organized they're always putting stuff away you hardly ever see any containers or anything that needs to be put away it's only on days when they get their shipment but they are so quick about putting everything away and stocking the shelves.”

5 Superb1 Reviews

“The service at this store is very very poor. I waited in line for 15 minutes because the guy working did not know what he was doing ( something wrong with register). He should have asked for help. The girl fixed it immediately. But she was rude and lacked knowledge. Never this bad before. Also store is a mess”

4 Good5 Reviews

“This store is awesome. They always have the nicest and friendliest employees here. That goes along way, especially these days. The ladies there always do such a great job and never seem annoyed or bothered by you as a customer. I hope someone lets them know the difference they make and why this is the best Dollar Tree in Warren.”

4 Good26 Reviews

“I really enjoy the candy isle here. They have a lot of quality candy for $1. I think if you have someone you love, you should surprise them with a simple gift like this. I guarantee you they will love it. If you really wanted to, you could get a $1 gift bag to go with it and maybe a card. This would make my day as a girlfriend. Little things like this are the best. The staff here will also help you if needed. They are always cheerful and friendly.”

4 Good32 Reviews

“This is one of my favorite DGs. It had more items in it especially frozen foods. It is not as cramped s most DGs and is well organized. I wish it was closer to home, I'd be there instead of the one I use now.”

4 Good64 Reviews

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3.9 Good67 Reviews

“Crew is awesome...miss redhead found a very important Id and she thought it was me and put my id in the safe??????...I appreciate her and the hardworking crew?????”

3.8 Good36 Reviews

“Great customer service they normally have all the cleaning, food supply's, hygiene, party doors school supplies toys and even cheap clothes socks and shoes too surprised me!! I take my kids there all the time tho!”

3.8 Good44 Reviews

“Friendly and helpful workers, clean and organized store, very well stocked, nice selection of frozen and refrigerated foods, comparable prices also some great sales on other products”

3.8 Good56 Reviews

“Clean, but don't expect "in and out" at any local Dollar General store around here. They have limited employees and the lines for a "quick, convenient store" is not quick, nor convenient. That said, the store employees are polite, friendly and bust their tails to work quickly.”

3.6 Good17 Reviews

“One of my favorite discount stores. I can get everything I need there at a decent price without having to go all the way to another store. It's convenient for me.”

3.6 Good32 Reviews

“The atmosphere of the store feels noticeably better now that Kristen is gone.Mary and Robin we're very sweet and helpful, store was clean and check out was fast.Wonderful turn around!! Keep up the fantastic work!”

3.7 Good68 Reviews

“I was very happy to see that they have products I am looking for. Dollar general just down the street next to Aldi on Parkman Rd. I hate to have to say this but it's true. Dollar general went from being a nice and convenient store to shop to terrible. Thankful family dollar is still decent and good at this time in our life no thanks to Biden who is not helping us and the companies we need for shopping.”

3.5 Good40 Reviews

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