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“FRESH PRODUCE! Great prices. Wednesdays are when their new specials come out. It's worth the trip! (Be sure to bring a quarter to use a cart, which you will get back when you're done. Also, bring your own bags for convenient transport.”

4.2 Good41 Reviews

“I have shopped at all the surrounding markets and I have started coming to WinCo almost exclusively over the past year or so. The friendliest cashier in town works here. He has black hair and he’s there every time I go. Even if there are several lanes open, I always go to his lane because he’s way faster than everyone else and he always smiles and finds something engaging to talk to me about during my brief time in line. I’m surprised he hasn’t been promoted into management because he is a people person, hard worker, and he’s smart.The other thing I like about WinCo is that their WinCo brand foods are just as good of quality as the leading brands. I just tried the WinCo instant pudding today, half the cost of Jello brand, and just as good! That’s the way with all of their stuff. I just wish they had corn chips. It pisses me off paying $4.00/bag buying Frito-Lay. They should sponsor fewer college bowl games and pass the savings on to their customers.”

3.7 Good42 Reviews

“Stopped to check out the fish selection. Was looking for Cod. Just so happened they had 2 packages and were marked down 1/2 price. Checked the dates and they looked good. Grabbed some sweet potatoes, oil and louisanna bread crumbs. The parking is a little off here. Not sure why but it just feels odd. Not many in the store. Found what I needed and of course no cashiers. Self check only. Personally think you should get 10% off your total if you do self check. Got in and out without any issues. They have some decent prices if you shop the aisles and compare. Not a fan but they had the fish I was looking for.”

3.1 Average31 Reviews

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