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“ALDI is one of my wife’s favorite places to go. Their stock changes from time to time as they look for the best deals so you may not always find the same brands or items. The food quality is good and we have several go to items we can usually find here.”

4.2 Good132 Reviews

“This is a great location of a great store. It is clean and organized and offers some unusual items (such as schnitzel in the freezer section). Also, today, I definitely got the best cashier in the company— Adrian is fantastic!”

4.6 Superb31 Reviews

“One of the fastest most efficient and professional experiences each time I deliver with them. Everyone keep up the good work. I hope all my friends and family get their chance to do great business and form strong friendship with ALDI”

4.6 Superb30 Reviews

“Yall gotta go here and get some hot food! I went to San Marcos last week, and that expensive crud can't hold a candle to the food this Morelos is pumping out. ? ? ?”

4.4 Superb41 Reviews

“Best selection of fresh fruits and veggies anywhere in OKC, so we drive the 25 min., its worth it. Parking a little tough, so time your trip. Great staff.Enjoy & God Bless.”

4.2 Good54 Reviews

“A great really entertaining super with a variety of products from all over the world but mostly Mexican, excellent service, wonderful fresh products at a good price and it all starts from the moment you enter wow, greetings”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“I went in today and for some reason the frozen food and meat section was not available. I think the freezer went out not totally sure, they were extremely busy trying to keep everyone from not buying the food items they had signs on the doors as well. But as busy as they were everyone was still friendly and I appreciate that. My cashier Andrew was the only one checking people out the line was long but he got everyone taken care of quickly and was still very friendly and wore a smile. I appreciate the extra customer service especially on a day when everything seemed to be going crazy they still were awesome.”

4.2 Good32 Reviews

“Best spice selection at reasonable pricesAlso I'd be surprised if anywhere in the state has a larger selection of rice varieties. Smells awesome. $1.50 samosas at check out.”

4.1 Good35 Reviews

“We sometimes shop at Aldi on Penn. We do save money when we shop there. Instead of spending $300 on groceries at other stores, it's actually $100 at aldi. There are a few things we don't buy there, but MOST of our groceries we can buy at Aldi.”

4 Good40 Reviews

“I love this market. I feel as if I am back in Mexico, well, almost. LolThe store is clean, well organized and the ppl who work there are so nice and helpful.I found a great selection of pots pans, cleaning products; you name it , they have it, as far as Mexican products go.The meat counter is the true star of the show here. The carne molida ( aka hamburger ) is sooo tasty. The pork was so tender and good. Yes! Real live butchers here.Plus, they have prepared foods if you like to take it home or, you can sit on the picnic bench and have good authentic Mexican food. The owner, a lovely woman is usuall on premises and welcomes me at the door. One of my favorite places in OKC.”

4.4 Superb8 Reviews

“Probably the best Walmart in SW OKC! usually has everything I want. Delivery service is better here too than other stores!(the stores use different delivery people). Nearly always have ever item I want in stock. My mother and brother both recommended it to me. They both shop there. Food and general supplies in capacity of Neighborhood stores.”

3.8 Good24 Reviews

“This is a place where you can get fresh and authentic groceries. The only thing is that everyone speak Spanish in there so don’t look for help unless you speak and understand basic Spanish.”

3.8 Good21 Reviews

“The best of all, you can send money to any part of the world. There is Wester Union within a wonder. There is nothing you can't find here. There is everything at a good price. Qualified staff and bilingual attention.”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“You need your meddies filled in a fast timely manner? Come here, people are great and very helpful. Awesome staff and always early with the meds! Hell I even try to get sick sometimes just so I can see these smiling faces! Stay strong though! Uncle Jim says so!”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“Shout out to Derrick, Faryn, Ryan, Eddie, Izzy, and one other gentleman who we weren't able to get the name of! My cousin and I came to purchase a couch last Friday, and Derrick and the other gentleman worked hard to get the boxes down for us! We didn't realize how big the boxes were going to be, so when we needed help breaking down the box to unload the parts one by one, Faryn, Ryan, and Eddie so kindly and patiently helped us! At first, the parts didn't seem like they would fit, so they even tried to help us by recommending that we rent out a Home Depot truck. Izzy was so patient and kind as he put our disassembled couch on hold, while we tried to figure out how to transport our couch home. When we weren't able to rent out the truck, we tried again to get the parts to fit, and they finally did with the help of all of these kind, patient, and strong men! Izzy was super accomodating, as he allowed parts of our couch to be on hold at the store as we made two trips to bring the couch back to our apartment. We wouldn't be able to enjoy our couch now without all the care we received that day from the amazing staff we met! Thank you guys a bunch! :)”

3.7 Good34 Reviews

“Being new years EVE, the parking looked packed, inside was alot, of course they had all "self check out" opened, but for once in a LOOOONG, TIME, there were 3 cashiers open checking out customers with a smile and friendly /chipper ! ? this little grocery walmart always had fl helpful staff though. I was a bit surprised being the eve of the coming new year .”

3.7 Good133 Reviews

“Location location location.These 3 things either makes you or destroys you.This store is in a very need space. It has what you need and has weekly flyers and specials...check the toilet papers...But with everything price is what moves products besides need. I find the prices on some things relatively high, reason you should comparison shop for goods...more important now than ever*except the 70s and 80s.Make sure your doors are locked and watch your surroundings.”

3.6 Good33 Reviews

“This walmart is great. The coolers are new and food is kept at right temp.The coolers are more like ice boxs with doors and handels for cheese and lunchmeat. The selection is limited however here and expensive. SMALL STORE but very modern. No small packs of hot pockets only family size. Honeycrisp Apples pretty good.. cinnamon small out of stock. would recommend this store for quality and food safety. Employees nice as well. Good . A”

3.5 Good48 Reviews

“Love me some Winco. Very low prices, plenty of everything and clean. Awesome produce section and meat market is stocked very well. I highly recommend a trip to Wisconsin. Any Winco.”

3.4 Good86 Reviews

“The folks in my favorite place to shop are friendly and very cool people and aren't judgemental. To the people who do their jobs and they are good at it. Thank you for the great work you do. God Bless You all!”

3.4 Good138 Reviews

“Good place to get groceries. Sometimes they are out of stock on things I need & I don't like the fact that they close off the self check out lanes at night. Makes for long lines. **Update: This Store now closes at 11pm! Also, they've remodeled the store, they have more self-check out lanes, & you can order on-line & pick-up at the store!”

3.4 Good165 Reviews

“This is the best Walmart in the city. Grocery pickup is always smooth. Shopping in store is always clean and organized. Every employee I've come across at this location is super kind.”

3 Average33 Reviews

“This is my neighborhood store I love it. Today one of the associates wish I would of got his name. He was standing by the self checkout he has salt and pepper hair. I'm very thankful and appreciate his fast action. My daughter was in the line and a man behind her was way to close watching her and her every move. Sir thank you so much for taking the time to walk over and make him scoot back. You are an all star employee and from a mothers heart you rock.”

3 Average36 Reviews

“Folks here are REAL. Real friendly, really helpful, REALLY patient in putting up with some ‘WF’s’ (wacky folks) which includes ME. Shopping here reminds me of what it used to feel like going to a grocery store. People, not machines although the machines are there for you if you need them just be careful with those scanners. That chit is sensitive.If there is a corporate policy to give raises to people who are cool as the cucumbers they sell (fresh too!!!) everyone there deserves one.- weird Longhair guy with glasses”

2.9 Average37 Reviews

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