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“Best hidden gem in the area. My son and I went last year at Halloween and had a really nice time. They had a corn maze, pumpkin patch, photo ops, petting zoo, food trucks outside and the market itself is all locally sourced. Their meats and even their sodas are from local Oklahoma vendors. LOVE THIS PLACE!”

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“The people serving here are so helpful and a blessing. They truly care. I also appreciate the large selection. I also appreciate the bread offerings to anyone outside. Thank you and God Bless!!”

4.5 Superb38 Reviews

“Great deals great service large selection of items and selection changes all the time great selection of fresh fruits n veggies meats and more stop in and check it out for yourself”

4.4 Superb47 Reviews

“This Homeland is good, we prefer to go here for more of a hometown feel. They keep it simple and that’s what we like. Only wish the bathrooms were cleaner or cleaned more frequently.”

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“Most of our local pharmacies make me feel like a number, like they don't know me. Homeland makes me feel like they remember me and I get a bit more personal attention...”

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“L.Austin I just wanted to come on here and say the lady in the blue truck is not the store manager I'm sorry you had that experience and we will thrive to make it better for you and all our shoppers.”

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“Every visit to Sprouts on 1105 Garth Brooks Blvd is pleasant. Today I stopped in for specific items, and Dara O. Was just wonderful, she went out of way to help me locate items as did other associates. Very pleased with the customer service, and Teamwork great job. God bless.”

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“Great place to pick up last minute things. Have a variety if household, personal care, baby needs, groceries and seasonal merchandise. With good prices. Download the appband save with coupons.”

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“I always enjoy going to the DG on Cornwall in Yukon! The gentleman who works there, Chase, is such a treasure. I appreciate how kind he is to my elderly mother and I've seem him show the same kindness and consideration to many others. I KNOW many others see and appreciate his efforts.”

3.7 Good10 Reviews

“Have been shopping with Schwans since 1992 in Bismarck, ND Every place we've lived except Scotland has had a Schwans truck! Have never had an issue with promptness or delivery in any way. Just moved to Yukon, OK, from central Florida and I'm looking for a Schwans truck! Will give them a call and get our account activated again! The Spicy Chicken Brests are fabulous! The box of unbreaded chicken breasts has been a mainstay for us. Husband loves their sausage balls. Happy eating folks!RDM in Yukon!”

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“I frequent this store a lot as it’s very close to where I live. I love the night staff. They are super friendly. My middle daughter left her coin purse behind offering one of the cashiers a ‘tip’ (in candy, of course, lol) and didn’t realize she had left it. I stopped by this store a few days later. The little lady behind the counter said ‘Oh! My coworker saved your daughter’s coin purse when she left it the other night, let me go get it!’ It’s little things like this that make certain staff and business so much more memorable. The amount of kindness I received that day was awesome. Both men that work there are always kind and helpful. (I know one is Donovan but I can’t remember the other guy’s name) I love this store mainly for its staff.”

3.6 Good16 Reviews

“An army of birds pooped on my car in the parking lot, had to go to the car wash 37 times. My husband was mad because I spent so much money on eggs and toilet paper to to and egg our neighbors, they need to lower prices. My total was $1065.”

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“An army of birds pooped on my car in the parking lot, had to go to the car wash 37 times. My husband was mad because I spent so much money on eggs and toilet paper to to and egg our neighbors, they need to lower prices. My total was $1065.”

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“CLEAN and ORGINIZED!! This place is fantastic. Great service, and the entire store is super clean. This location even has a nice variety of fresh vegetables located at the front of the store. I walked down every single aisle, and everything was so tidy. As someone who has been in the retail world professionally, I can say this is a store with awesome employees! Hands down the best Dollar General I have visited in over 5 years. I'm telling you now, if you haven't visited, head on in and get your shopping on!”

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“There’s a young man who works at this location. His name is Jose, and he usually works in the evening. I wanted to shout out how good of an employee he is, He was very helpful and always keeping busy. There’s so many that just stand around but not him. He deserves some type of an award, and possibly a raise. Jose, thank you”

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“This place is the best when traveling through Oklahoma. I got the basic soft serve twist and let me tell you, it was amazing!!!! Not only do they have ice cream served but they also have an entire food menu plus a mini grocery store that sells half gallons and gallons of their own ice cream brand! Definitely going back to shop and try more flavors!”

3.5 Good53 Reviews

“A welcoming hello everytime I stop by, they also always try to help you get any & all discounts being offered. My almost daily stop for gas, to snacks & drinks. I love the team there, always make me smile & brightens my day!”

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“I Went shopping again for the fruit's and I found the veggies, and household goods I like so much! The grapes were big and juicy enough. I would like to find Watermelon/Strawberry Body Armour Drink here SOMEDAY! Ditto”

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