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“Special little shop. I go for the garlic &herb bread and blue corn tortillas mostly but they have a cool offering of assorted things. Heirloom beans,local meat & produce and always some really cool art. I love getting to try home bakers/small businesses.”

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“Great food deals, great hygiene deals, and depending on what they got in stock that week they have some decent small electronic deals and accessory deals. They also have a freezer section now that has some really good deals. Hell I even got bic lighters there 3 for $1 which you can't even get a full size bic lighter anywhere for under $1.50”

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“The store is well kept and organized. Very clean. I could find everything easily. Their restuarant in the back has really delicious options. I personally like their galbi. They even have some USDA organic items and dalgona candy, all shapes! Happy with my purchases here ”

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“I was walking through the neighborhood on my way to burger punk and spotted this lil gem of a market Al was very warm, welcoming, knowledgeable thank you for your hospitality!!!”

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“Great bodega style grocery store. Huge selection of snacks, ramen and drinks, take up about half the store. The other half has a decent selection of condiments, wines, fresh vegetables, fresh and frozen meats and a big selection of frozen foods. Bulk and specialty rice and soybeans locate in the back.”

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“Broad selection of goods but (IMO)they're overpriced on most items. That's a recurring theme among this genre of retailers.That aside, the staff were all very nice and very helpful.It was easy in & out.Altogether a nice store.”

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“I use this Dollar General quite a bit since it is right down the road. The staff is always friendly and helpful, the shelves are always stocked, and the floors are clean. Shout out to Sandra, David, James, and am the new guy who is always super friendly!”

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“Last Black Friday I stumbled in here to learn that they have an amazing spend $100 get $100 to spend in 2023. I went in today to utilize my coupons only to find out they expired at the end of October. Apparently there was a misunderstanding on the specifics of the program and I'm sure part of that was my fault. They could have just said the coupons were expired and moved on but they met me in the middle and allowed them to be worth half which seems fair to me. They have great spices that definitely enhance your meals so it's a great place to shop at anyway, but making the effort for your customer will bring me back in more often.”

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“This place has great local quality and friendly staff. They are a black owned market and helpful to all of the low income neighborhood shelters and the homeless. I love these guys and You will too if you shop here. The have locally grown organic foods!!!!”

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“Wonderful! Got the day's special-a sandwich and some delicious soup. Love these folks. I don't get up there that often, but I'm going to correct that.”

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“I've always had a good experience here. I see one person gave it 1 star because they said it was unclean and they got food poisoning. I've never had any issues with this, and the store has always been clean when I've been there. Older yes, but clean, unlike competition down the street (Whittakers is nasty), the employees have always been friendly and willing to help, they have a great meat department that has good sales, and overall prices aren't the cheapest but aren't as expensive as other grocery stores (like Homeland). I also love that the store isn't gigantic so it's actually easier to get my shopping done and less anxiety provoking.”

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“ALDI is one of my wife’s favorite places to go. Their stock changes from time to time as they look for the best deals so you may not always find the same brands or items. The food quality is good and we have several go to items we can usually find here.”

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“Check this place out! I thought it was pretty cool to have a place that sells mostly local products. I was looking for a sandwich and found some burritos and an apple turnover. Very delicious. The guys working were friendly. They had fresh produce and other goodness.”

4.9 Superb20 Reviews

“This is a great location of a great store. It is clean and organized and offers some unusual items (such as schnitzel in the freezer section). Also, today, I definitely got the best cashier in the company— Adrian is fantastic!”

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“One of the best super markets there is. They have absolutely anything and everything that you could and would want food wise. Some of the best fresh meat and seafood you can find in Oklahoma City. I shop here all the time. Only place that I buy my steaks at. If you haven't been there then I highly recommend you go check it out! Amazing fresh vegetables and fruits!”

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“Always a good place to pick up some groceries, they have things there you can't get anywhere else in town. Friendly and helpful staff. Good savings on select items.”

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“One of the fastest most efficient and professional experiences each time I deliver with them. Everyone keep up the good work. I hope all my friends and family get their chance to do great business and form strong friendship with ALDI”

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“I want to share with you the most pleasant experience I had at your Oklahoma City, N. May location on this, my first ever Natural Grocer's visit. I am not a natural grocery store-type patron nor a regular consumer of associated products. After visiting my General MD, he recommended I purchase a probiotic, an item I have never purchased but was in desperate need of considering my most unpleasant symptoms. Your entire staff was friendly (Connor, cashier) and helpful (visited around 10:30am) but especially Jessica. She was completely knowledgeable and even provided me coupons and helpful literature. I then asked about collagen and, without missing a beat, she explained which product best suited my objectives and the reasoning behind it.Although I had not planned on becoming a regular patron, your staff's friendly service, competency, and helpfulness will have me returning often.”

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“Been through the drive thru twice over the last few weeks. The service has been top notch. The staff is incredible. The food is perfect. They actually offered me ketchup and enclosed napkins. I very much appreciate the little things. I highly recommend this location.”

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“You can get good necessary NEED kind of items as far as clothes and accessories too for any of your outfits, if anybody out here is a fashion perfectionist like myself!! Hahaha..... But u can get slide on shoes for $8 in navy blue and camouflage and than grab a matching pair of camouflage shorts with a black v neck and mid ankle socks with a nice hat and a fresh chain and you got yourself a DG $18 outfit and still s****ing on everybody!! Hahaha..... And pol hate that the most ;)”

4.2 Good71 Reviews

“I love this shop, just found out about it. So many fun things to eat and cook. Snacks and goodies galore! Anyone familiar from that region of Europe needs to go there. The lady running the shop was so sweet and classy.”

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“This location is better than the one on s may & 44th . This one actually has everything in stock & its nice & organized . I like this location better just that its not in a very nice neighborhood”

4.2 Good63 Reviews

“Working at Buy For Less was the best decision I ever made. The company's culture is amazing! If you don't get pumped by rapidly changing priorities and hard work, this is probably not the place for you.”

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“They have everything and the employees are nice! Most DG employees complain about their job, the customers, the level of activity in the building but these gals are so nice! They are like half a mile from my house, so I am VERY spoiled! I love their home products, the food selection is quiet nice and it's so easy to maneuver around the building!”

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“Best selection of fresh fruits and veggies anywhere in OKC, so we drive the 25 min., its worth it. Parking a little tough, so time your trip. Great staff.Enjoy & God Bless.”

4.2 Good54 Reviews

“In and out with exactly what I was looking for. All employees are always so helpful and Yvonne is such an amazing person and cashier. It’s always a pleasure to shop here.”

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“Like a Whole Foods but cheaper and with more options. I was grateful to see a lot of local produce and products. They have a whole isle of beans and a great selection of cheeses and teas and coffees. Their produce is top notch and kept fresh. I particularly like their japanese sweet potato and their purple garlic is amazing. For kimchi lovers, definitely try the kimchi!!! It is to die for! They also have persimmon jam from a local farm and fermented honeys which are delicious. I always find something new here!”

4.2 Good41 Reviews

“Whole foods I took a friend of mine there because she doesn't own a vehicle. She She was looking for low-carb keto bread and something sweet to eat. Come to find out that keto breadtwo slices will give you your daily intake of carbs that's not very keto. Or very low carb. There's so many products on the market. Today. That say they're keto or they're keto friendly or their low carb. I don't know who the idea of low carb they are, but they're definitely not keto friendly. Just because the label says it doesn't mean it actually is. You have to fill the Reed the label to see how many carbs there are per serving.Whole food didn't seem to offer much in the way of keto friendly bread. It's matter of fact that didn't really have anything in that department. Their produce department was good, so was their meat department. Some of the other items were kind of hard to find in that store. But after asking one of the friendly employees , they directed his right to the department we needed to go to. I didn't really shop there. I was just an innocent bystander and a chauffeur to my friend.”

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“I just had a burrito from this location. The #3 with the steak….. My girlfriend had the #5 the quesadilla….Your life will be greatly improved if you were to eat the food offerings from this little store from heaven. I just finished my satisfying and spicy lunch from the sweetest little Mexican ladies that have ever walked the earth. The quality is amazing and the quantities are mind boggling.You are family to these patient and sweet people… They are treat you like are a person and not rude or anything but kind and wonderful. I will shop and eat there every single chance I get.”

4.5 Superb18 Reviews

“A great really entertaining super with a variety of products from all over the world but mostly Mexican, excellent service, wonderful fresh products at a good price and it all starts from the moment you enter wow, greetings”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

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