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“My husband and I love this country store! We loved it before and we love it now. They make some of the best sandwiches in the Rogue Valley! We don't live super close to it but when we're on this side of town we stop in. The customer service is great and we are always welcomed by smiling faces. If your in the neighborhood I would suggest stopping by.”

4.5 Superb62 Reviews

“Very easy in and out parking if you're traveling on table rock and you need something quick it's a perfect stop it is exactly what it says a stop and go market staff is always been very friendly and they have exactly what you would expect definitely on my go to place list if I need something quick going down Table Rock North or South”

4.2 Good61 Reviews

“Yesterday I witnessed one of the BEST examples of good customer service- no, make that great customer service- at the Central Point Albertsons!!!There was one electric cart available and it wasn’t working properly. A young employee apologized to the woman who was wanting to use it. He advised that he didn’t know how long it would be before another one became available and he offered to take her list and do her shopping for her!!! For whatever reason she opted not to do that, but he took her to a spot where she could sit, presumably to wait for the next cart. He gave me hope that customer service, true customer service, is alive and well. Kudos to him and to Albertsons for their hiring practices and their training.”

4 Good56 Reviews

“This is my go-to shop for drinks, snacks, smokes, etc. They are always very friendly and the store is kept clean & well stocked.Also, they have very good prices, unlike the DIVE next door (7-11).So, check this place out. You won't be disappointed!”

4.1 Good7 Reviews

“Ask for a banana split no banana don't understand stand why u would put pineapple and strawberry? Obvious I don't like fruit if I said no banana right ?”

3.8 Good64 Reviews

“My husband and I stopped here before going on a hike and got some waters, snacks and gum. The woman checking us out was really nice and and upbeat. Which we really appreciated since we had such a long week. I really liked that place, will definitely return.”

3.5 Good24 Reviews

“They only take in$ 2:40 that's two dollars and forty cents they said and this is the manager I spoke with she said they made a deal with bottle recycling place they would not take in a lot of bottlesAnd cans.Now I have to ask you why can't they take all of them at once her answer was it takes away from the recycling place..Sorry I call bull xcsffd on this.That's why I will not buy no sodas from rays because we have a right to take them to the store where we paid for it right ?”

3.6 Good47 Reviews

“I was stuck in Central Point over the holidays and needed a prescription refill. The Savon pharmacy was very quick to get my RX transferred and filled. Plus, my other pharmacy didn't send my insurance group number so I was going to have to pay $83. Instead, this pharmacy used a discount card and my bill was only $14. They helped me so much!Quick, efficient, friendly and helpful. Exactly what a great pharmacy should be.”

2.6 Average58 Reviews