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“I really like to shop here. I do wish they had a few more people to be able to ask questions. I can say they have the best organic vegetable section around. Their health and Beauty is also very nice. Great selection! If you care about your health in every aspect this is the place to shop . I ended up having my first return, not their fault , definitely mine. They were so nice about it and didn't make me feel bad for trying something and not enjoying it. High five Natural Grocers. Happy ??”

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“Great customer service, selection, and value @ HealthWay in Medford, OR.! After accompanying a family member here several years ago, I started coming here for my own nutritional needs. I usually stick with the NOW brand (Tuesdays are NOW sale days) and they carry a wide selection of them, among other great brands. The staff are always very helpful and welcoming. The store is well stocked & organized, clean, and centrally located. Today I was in the market for a new kind of protein powder and asked Heather if she has tried any of the brands they carry. I appreciated that she was able to relay her experiences to me. I also mentioned that I would like to try a coffee flavored protein powder, but they did not have any to choose from, so I decided to purchase a couple different kinds and flavors. Heather then made sure to note my contact info and follow-up with me after she did some research into my request and see if she'll be able to stock some coffee flavored protein powder! Even if it doesn't work out, it's nice to be seen and heard! Thanks so much!!”

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“The Most exciting things in life are those that bring value. Physically ,mentally ,and financially, I have benefited tremendously since hooking up with the good folks over at Jaxon wellness! I was unsure hesitant prior to placing my order , I called ahead to ask some questions. The representative was so incredibly knowledgeable and considerate and helpful they provided me with all the information and assurance I needed to place my first order with confidence. They absolutely have become a fantastic connection I’m able to reach out to when ever I have questions about new products.I have made multiple orders without fails.The products themselves come with third party testing paperwork that anyone could verify if you felt the need to. The product I purchased was a hemp cbd product. I myself suffer from a torn Achilles tendon and prior to hooking up with Jaxon I would tend to start my day with marijuana from dispensaries as pain management resulting in me being subsequently high at times I Diddnt need or want to be managing my injury. These products got me on my feet better than the high thc cannabis I was using did most likely due to the high cbd / cannabinoid profile. To make a point the single most valuable piece of information if you took anything from this review is in my state dispensaries charge the same high price for cbd flower as they do high thc flower 45-75$ and 8th of an ounceWithout listing any numbers in regards to Jaxon pricing I highly recommend anyone purchasing cbd flower from dispensaries check for themselves and compare prices because for comparably the same products I find my dollar is way better spent at Jaxon then at any dispensary or smoke shop near me if I was shopping for cbds. I highly recommend Jaxon !!! I am a medical marijuana patient and I know what to look for in terms of quality from the color of the ash to the moisture content taste and smell. Having said that I am highly impressed by their products.Fresh gassy citrusy frosted resin covered nugs ,that taste as good as they smell. The feels are so relaxing and clean as well. I’m very pleased with my orders.Don’t take my word for it though give them a try for yourselves. It got me sober in the morning back on my feet feeling good highly productive again , and when I want to I mix in the high thc products from my local dispensary a 50/50 salad mix i find I am saving a huge chunk on my meds making them stretch and I’m getting better control of my health and wellbeing at the same time!! I am Passionately excited about Jaxon !!! Keep up the good work !!!! Thankyou for all you do!!!”

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“Kind of random but there was a blonde woman with curly hair who assisted with helping a confused elderly gentleman get home safely. The service was great and I will definitely be returning to this vitamin shoppe for all of my pre-workout and proteins :)”

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“I went in today and talked to Nicolas, he was really helpful. I knew nothing about any of the products and he took me through the store and explained each one. Found some stuff on clearance to try and got a few samples.”

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“I have been using Wellness for the last 4 years for a componded Rx for my K9 companion. I have always been treated with respect and many times have been asked how Wilbur was doing ( he had Cushings disease ). Multiple times we had to go from liquid to pill and back again as his health deteriorated. I (we) never had a problem with refills or any delay in filling his meds. I am grateful for their help in keeping my friend as healthy and moble for way past what my vet predicted. Bill Hampton”

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