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“This thing is amazing! You dump your change into this machine and it COUNTS IT! I don't know how it does it, but it is able to distinguish all the different kinds of coins! It was even able to call BS on all the Canadian quarters I padded my jar out with. Truly a marvel of modern man and saved my fingers hours of work by allowing me to not have to shove all that change into tiny paper rolls! Amazing!”

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“This GetGo location is super convenient for me being that it's close to my work and on my way home. I stopped today for a quick car wash. The employees working the car wash are always super nice and helpful. I will also stop for gas here whenever it's necessary. I have always appreciated how much lights there are in the evening.”

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“I've been recently making account deposits for work at this bank. This branch location is just past the Waterworks shopping area on Freeport Rd. Before you get here off the Highland Park Bridge you will pass plenty of banks including 1st National, Citizens, PNC, Dollar, S&T, Wesbanco, 1st National and then Huntington Bank is the last one on the right. Bank tellers are always friendly and welcoming! They often serve soft chocolate chip cookies for customers. I usually pass on the cookies and go straight for the Dum-Dums suckers lol! There are 7 branches in the greater Pittsburgh area. They are open until 6p on Fridays. There are three bank tellers in their lobby and two drive-thru lanes outside. If I didn't already do my personal banking elsewhere, I'd gladly open an account here.”

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“Remarkable credit union with very helpful staff members and customer friendly policies on checking and savings accounts. I joined in person and was very impressed.”

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