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“Angelina is amazing!! She got me such a great rate and it was absolutely headache free. She had wonderful energy and was kind and considerate, and got me refinanced for my leased vehicle, that the previous dealership tried to pull one over on me.Everyone was so friendly and efficient.!! Even down to Service, they did great explaining each issue after my MPI.”

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“I had hit a deer which had my whole front passenger side smashed up pretty bad. The original dealership my car was supposed to go to was refusing to tow my car (it was sorta undrivable) so I called my insurance to switch body shops. This was one on the list, and I'm so happy I decided to give the job to a smaller shop! He did an amazing job, kept giving updates, kept me filled in on what was going in. Etc. The car, for being a '16, looks like nothing ever happened! It took about a month for all the work to get done, but he got it done before I ran outta time with my rental. I hope I don't need to, but if I ever need body work again in the future, I'll definitely be using this place. (Added a before and after picture as well) Thank you again!!”

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“I had the best experience with Ralph Arcuri and the entire team at Diehl Chevrolet of Hermitage! They were so easy to talk to and work with. Ralph went above and beyond to help us get this vehicle. I will definitely go back for future vehicle purchases!”

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“Went there after a driver ran into my parked car at a residence, dented the bumper, and left. They were the only shop around to offer me the services necessary to fix it cosmetically. Every other place only offered the most extreme fixes costing well over $600 which I did not deem necessary. The fix was under $100, almost perfect, and well worth it!Service: Body & Trim”

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“Came from the Cleveland area to buy my 4runner because it was so well priced, and was very pleased with the sales staff. I never felt forced, or pushed into buying anything, and they worked with me on the price. Josh was my salesmen, and he was awesome”

4.2 Good147 Reviews

“Geoff 'Tank' Wilson is the best! He worked with me and we found the perfect truck! So thankful!!! Great guy to work with and the surrounding employees are also very helpful and welcoming!! 10/10 experience ???”

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“Friendly, very knowledge staff..Carl even took care of me, and took the time to replace my windshield wipers. Store was organized, and staff was very helpful with the customers.”

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“I’m from Oregon looking to get information on some Bosch windshield wipers for my 2017 Subaru Impreza limited and stumbled upon Andrew Masotto. Andrew went above and beyond my expectations of customer service. He got me the exact part numbers of the wiper blades I’d need and how to order them and pick the up in store. Granted, I’m from Oregon and he was on his own time/not company time (not clocked in.) Andrew is a good ambassador for O’Reilly Auto Parts and I can’t thank him enough for the help.”

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“Advance Auto Parts in Hermitage, PA: A Four-Star Car WonderlandIf you want to turn your average driving experience into a joyride, look no further than Advance Auto Parts in Hermitage, PA. This place is a veritable wonderland for car enthusiasts, and a haven for those in dire need of some four-wheel therapy. I give it four stars, but don't worry, they're not the kind that you'll find stuck to your windshield!One of the reasons I enjoy going to Advance Auto Parts is that it feels like a treasure hunt every time I walk through those sliding doors. Who knows what kind of automotive gems you might stumble upon? Last time I was there, I found a spark plug that could rival the Hope Diamond in terms of its beauty and elegance. Okay, maybe not, but it did make my engine purr like a contented kitten.The staff at Advance Auto Parts are like car whisperers. They somehow possess the power to make even the most complex auto-related questions sound like poetry. I mean, who knew there was such beauty in discussing the intricacies of windshield wipers? Their knowledge and expertise is truly awe-inspiring, and even a simple trip to buy a new air filter becomes an educational experience.Now, let's talk about the ambiance. There's just something about the smell of motor oil and the symphony of clanging wrenches that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's like stepping into a dreamland where cars reign supreme. Plus, the blue and yellow color scheme is a sight for sore eyes, especially after spending hours staring at nothing but gray asphalt.So, if you're in the mood to indulge in some automotive retail therapy, Advance Auto Parts in Hermitage, PA is the place to be. You'll leave with a smile on your face and the knowledge that your car is one step closer to becoming a majestic beast on wheels.”

4.1 Good22 Reviews

“I absolutely loved it here! I was in and out in under 3 hours with almost a brand new car at a low rate. Monica is absolutely my favorite sales person! She made the process super quick and easy! I can't thank her enough!”

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“I absolutely loved it here! I was in and out in under 3 hours with almost a brand new car at a low rate. Monica is absolutely my favorite sales person! She made the process super quick and easy! I can't thank her enough!”

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“I just purchased my first Jeep from Reed (salesman). I had a great experience they were very helpful & patient. I also would like to recognize Joe( sales Manager). If your in the market for a Jeep or Dodge please go check them out. Great Team”

3.8 Good30 Reviews

“Went in to buy a seat cushion, which I didn't end up getting, but while I was there I remembered I had a light out on one of my headlights, and also decided to replace my headlight bulbs. Each of the employees I interacted with, from the gentleman who pointed me to the seat cushions, the second who came out to my car to offer assistance in changing the first light, and the third who helped me find bulbs for my headlights and then replace them for me, were all extremely helpful.”

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“The staff of the collision center are excellent. They are kind, considerate and excellent at their jobs.I want to give a special thank you to Adrian M, and to Kim A . Both provided timely updates on my vehicles progress. They were very responsive to my concerns and questions, and always had welcoming smiles and attitude.As a retired business owner I know great people when I meet them.You should be proud of themServices: Painting”

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“Amy, the Service Manager is pleasant professional, and efficient. They completed the work in a timely manner. I especially liked being able to see the work being done from the showroom. The work space was immaculately clean.”

3.1 Average15 Reviews

“This collision center has treated me great! I received weekly updates, anytime I had a question I would call and Kim always happily answered my questions without sounding frustrated. The other person who works in the office I wish I remembered her name was also great and always expressed if I had any questions to feel free and call. Thank you for turning my nightmare of a car crash into a great repair experience!!!Service: Auto body & trim repair”

3.1 Average26 Reviews

“My husband and I made an appointment with Dave Bitzer. We had planned on trading in our car for a newer used car, but Dave had a better idea! We drove away in our brand new 2022 Buick Encore right off of the showroom floor! He worked his magic and got us into our payment range along with Drew. What a fantastic team! Everyone there was very friendly. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a new or used vehicle go see Montrose! We will definitely buy from Dave again!”

2.1 Poor7 Reviews

“Had a smooth and easy buying experience here. My salesman Jason was very helpful and informative. I bought a used car from them and they actually listed the car way under-priced compared to market value. They could have sold the car for $5000+ more to another buyer but they still sold it to me anyway and honored the deal, even though there was no documents or any agreements signed yet. I am also an out-of-state buyer so everything was virtual and all the documents were signed electronically. It was easy and a few days later, they met me halfway from my location to deliver the car. Not to mention their service-department are also very detailed and the used-car I bought was well serviced. Even the air in the tires were all even when I checked it. I would definitely recommend this Toyota dealer to anyone even for out-of-state buyers. Keep up the great work Diehl Toyota.”

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“I decided to have Walmart install tires on my car this morning despite these poor reviews. I was very impressed with these guys and how hard they worked to process me. 2 front tires mounted , balanced, and installed in 30 minutes. Real happy with the all round experience, quality, and price ! So, why the bad reviews ??,??? After watching what goes on there I will risk offering my thoughts. All the time I was there around 9 to 10am these guys were busting their butts. They were courteous but very busy. Too busy to answer the phone ringing off the hook. From what I saw I would hire these guys any day. I will be going back !!!!! Like everything else going on today it is just like the hospitals short of qualified nurses. Who wants to mount tires when you can work at KFC for $12 hrs? These guys are OK in my book.Service: Tires”

2.1 Poor39 Reviews

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