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“Love the new building, parking isn't an issue anymore. Great food, platters are amazing!! Myself and/or my husband visit this place weekly, sometimes daily.”

4.3 Superb35 Reviews

“What can I say, this is a nice store that needs more patronage. It is a local market with groceries, a limited selection of hardware, a fresh deli, home cooked foods, and a thrift store area. I always stop by when I am around in the area. Give them a shot. You might just discover something that you didn't know you were looking for.”

4.7 Superb40 Reviews

“Nice, small gas station with a small store. Milk, bread, small variety of canned goods. Large selection of do it yourself tobacco products. "Roll your own" place. Pleasant! Enjoy.”

4.4 Superb40 Reviews

“Perfect spot for a pepperoni roll, some Galliker's iced tea, and well-priced gas. Locals here are always welcoming, and it's a great place to support small! ❤️”

4 Good33 Reviews

“I tend to forget about this store since the CVS opened. Also, ingress and egress isn't the most convenient or easy. BUT! when I DO go there it is ALWAYS super clean, well-stocked with competitively priced products AND (most importantly) staffed with knowledgeable and friendly staff (unlike the competition)Highly recommended. Will shop there again.”

4.3 Superb14 Reviews

“I love this store, it is by far the best Giant Eagle in or around Johnstown, its clean and the. prices are wonderful and the pharmacy is the best. They are very friendly and prompt. Go to the Giant Eagle on GOUCHER St, you won't be sorry!!!!!”

4.3 Superb13 Reviews

“I arrived at the store early for my pickup order and a very nice gentleman named Noah kept me updated about my order until it was done and was nice to all the other customers too, one of the best cashier I have ever meet”

4.1 Good17 Reviews

“Visited Rite Aid, 1501 Scalp Ave., Johnstown, Pa. on 12/2/2022. I was impressed by the brightness and cleanliness of the store also the uncluttered aisles. The associates (both store & pharmacy) were both helpful and friendly.”

4 Good20 Reviews

“Theresa's a young lady there with red hair. An absolute pleasure. Makes me want to come back on her shift. She was so helpful and genuinely enthusiastic. Her energy was amazing!”

3.7 Good53 Reviews

“Some of the nicest people I know!! They have just about anything you could need and their prices are great. I love going there just to see the workers. They call my family the hoodie family since my daughter and I always have a hoodie on!!”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“I don't have a negative thing to say about the Honey Bear. It's a great little convenience store with wonderful employees. We just moved here from out of town, so I haven't been going here for years or anything, but they actually remember me and my kids when we come in. Thank you, Honey Bear, for being so friendly, caring and wonderful.”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“Nice staff. Sunoco gas is way better than whatever it is sheetz puts in their pumps. My regular gas station. Also they post all the winning lottery tickets on the wall, so you can have what people have been winning money on.”

3.6 Good19 Reviews

“Well maintained customer service is great, awesome food ,milkshakes allways open with a smile can't get no better maybe a remake with car wash is possibly only thing missing”

3.5 Good33 Reviews

“Excellent food, great food variety in the cold case! Always have specials including Pizzas with a buy one get one Free Mon-Fri 4pm-10pm and all day Saturday and Sunday deal!! Fresh coffee, and other hot drinks, and alcohol available including alcoholic slushies!”

3.5 Good31 Reviews

“Amazing Empanadas!!!! We had the pepperoni pizza, Buffalo chicken, philly cheese steak and cherry pie! All of them were the best Empanadas I've had in a long time! Highly recommend and great customer service!”

4 Good5 Reviews

“Very good go-to sheets whenever you need some breakfast lunch or dinner or late night snack or even gas to refuel all workers are very positive and respectful and helpful good place to go to get drinks snacks.”

3.5 Good24 Reviews

“There's always at least 3 vehicles already parked at the pumps, but it's never been crowded enough for me to have to wait in line for more than 5 minutes at the register.”

3.5 Good22 Reviews

“I just love this place. Before I retired, I would get lunch here at least 3 times per week. The online ordering made it so much quicker. There were no delivery options back then.Very rarely is there any problem. Had one last night on $40 pickup order. Found that the bucket of fries was missing. Meh, it happens.”

3.5 Good18 Reviews

“I've only been In CVS one time and it was this one, I have to say it was a lot more than I expected. The place is huge and has a lot more stuff to shop for than most places. It also had a pleasant environment because of the staffs willing to help and how curious they were. The best part about the whole visit was the cleanliness of the store. Shelves were organized and everything on the shelve was facing towards you so you are able to read what your buying. I will definitely be going back again. I might also be switching to the prescription center as well. Right now I have Giant Eagles, and lets just say they are atrocious!!!”

3.4 Good31 Reviews

“Rite Aid Windber office is really busy. The techs, pharmacists are great. It is short staffed. I urge local residents to keep going there. Many people in this area walk most places. This store really needs to remain open for elderly residents in the community. Please urge Right Aid to keep this store in our little town.”

3.4 Good26 Reviews

“A good service station/convenience store. Prepared foods are nicely done with good ingredients. A good choice of snacks and beverages. Recently I have found electronics for payment at pumps mal functioning, especially phone payment readers.”

3.4 Good19 Reviews

“To be 100% I don't have any complaints on this place . It's clean and the variety is giant, working restroom, semi polite employees , skills machines and more.”

3.3 Good33 Reviews

“Rite aid to be my pharmacy for many years however recently the one on Central avenue in Johnstown is horrible they have a shortage in the pharmacy on employees and on your short on a pharmacist as well so they're closing it various times throughout the week with no rhyme or reason so you better call ahead to find out if they're open before you drive over there”

3.3 Good28 Reviews

“I been in PA almost 2 months and I goto this sheetz all most every day and it is always a pleasant visit everyone always happy and smiling even the guards are cool ? and between the amazing kind of menu to the cooks here are above and beyond they make everything so neat and taste so good everytime I can't recall ever visiting a gas station just for food alone this is ik my top 5 best foods when I'm hungry thank you sheetz for doing an amazing job everyday doing what ya do for us customers ? ? ?”

3.3 Good26 Reviews

“This is my favorite sheetz every morning before work!I usually get a made to order latte, and they were out of Carmel which is my usual. Asked me if they could use a salted Carmel or pumpkin Carmel. I was nervous with pumpkin Carmel, but it was best coffee drink I had in years!!”

3.2 Average22 Reviews

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