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“I've been going to Johnny's for a few years. Just yesterday I went elsewhere spur of the moment for a simple oil change and left with my check engine light on and a stalling car. I am so grateful to have gone to Johnny's today where I was quickly accommodated. Andrew quickly fixed the issue that suddenly appeared after an oil change, getting me back safely on the road. He is a genuine, honest person. I won't be going anywhere else again.”

4.7 Superb28 Reviews

“The store is always clean and well stocked.i would like to make a special call out to the young lady who rang up my purchase her name was Sabrina every time I go in there she is working she is very pleasant, outgoing, from the time you walk in to the store if she has people at the register to ring up Sabrina will always be sure to greet you till the time you leave she will always be sure to say have yourself a great day. The retail world needs more workers like her I did forget to mention that she always has a smile on her face. The management and owner of that 7Eleven are lucky to have an employee like this.”

4 Good11 Reviews

“The young African American man working approached my car with energy and a confidence. I wasn’t expecting so much vigor for such a cold and dreadful day. He greeted me with a smile and a “hello”, eye contact was instant and he made me feel at ease. I asked him to fill my tank and he noticed instantly my inability to pull the tank lever. With no questions asked he opened my door and pulled the lever for me. I wasn’t made to feel awkward the gesture was just understood between us both. Once my tank was filled he made sure to round off the pump to the nearest whole dollar to make my cash payment that much easier. He also made sure to click the gas cap twice ensuring it was properly closed. I placed the money into his hand and he retreated to the booth. Upon returning with my change I tipped this man his positive attitude and energy was a delight . He made the experience quick and free of complications. I will return.”

4.3 Superb3 Reviews

“This is a top of the line location and store for a cumberland farms. It has beautiful architecture (pretty surprisingly). It's very clean and well stocked. The staff I've interacted with here are all pretty friendly and polite. If you're lucky and arrive around sunset, you will get beautiful sunsets and water views as you fill your car or grab a snack. The outdoor seating area is really nice in the summer and makes for a great meet-up or snacking location”

3.25 Good8 Reviews

“Pros: Credit card payment at the pump. 3 different kind of fuel (the best il V-Power). Store with kind staff. Cons: Few parking spots if you need to stop and relax after a long trip”

3 Average20 Reviews

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