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“I wish I had known about this garage before, it's great. I had taken my car in for inspection to a different place a couple months ago, waited for hours, and then ended up paying hundreds of dollars for stuff I don't even know if I needed. At Oliveira's garage, I was in and out in 30 minutes and only paid for the inspection. It was fast, easy, no-nonsense, and awesome.”

4.5 Superb7 Reviews

“Mobil oh how you have been my home for many many many years. I wake up every morning first thing on my mind is "god I need a nice Mobil coffee and a pack a Newport's". I wish to see Mobil expand its horizons and expand its stores across Aquidneck Island. Excellent customer service and outstanding prices for quality goods.”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“Mike the Manager is probably running the best store on the island , his soda fountain always tastes the best , the food is always hot and he always does his best to minimize the line backing up.”

2.9 Average9 Reviews

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