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“William was super nice very courteous, very helpful, very helpful and very proficient at his job. We appreciate him handling the situation while we’re on vacation. He made it very smooth and I commend him thank you so much William”

4.9Superb70 Reviews

“The staff were polite and quick, I was in and out in under 20 minutes. It's an older building but clean on the inside. I'm not a fan of blood work and they made it as easy and comfortable as they could.”

3.3Good48 Reviews

“Had to get my 1hr glucose test done and was nervous I was going to have to wait a long time since there were many people in there. Thankfully I scheduled an appointment online a few days prior, checked in on my phone from my car and walked in to be seen within 10min of my appointment time. The technician was friendly and quick and I was happy the glucose drink was dye-free. Would definitely recommend just making an appointment in advance and checking in from your car.”

2.9Average41 Reviews

“This location's check'-in process ran like a well oiled machine this morning and they were friendly at the door and at the counter. I was third in line for blood draw and only waited a few minutes. The phlebotomist was kind. Through masks, even clinical people walking by as I waited said hello. And I was wished a good day upon exit by the counter staff and the security guy. A great experience overall.”

3Average4 Reviews

“I read some of the bad reviews and I was worried I was in for a hassle. But the opposite happened I checked it in my phone they said come on in and have a seat I sat and was taken in exactly at my appointment time actually a minute or two early The young lady was a lot of fun and she was so good with the needle I actually had to look and make sure it was in. The place was neat clean organized and I can't say enough good about my experience there.”

2.5Average21 Reviews

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