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“This is the best Publix that I've been to in the area! The store is well-maintained, organized, and clean! There are never carts flying through the parking lot even on the windiest of days! The staff is incredibly kind and very helpful! The managers even listen to product requests!”

4.5 Superb68 Reviews

“Been a regular shopper at this Publix for years. They have the best selection of fresh bread, produce, and chicken. Their Buy One, Get One specials are the best in town! Friendly staff and excellent customer service! Everyone has genuine smiles and helps you find items with speed and ease. Kyle in the Meat Dept goes the extra mile to give you the best selection of meats. This Publix makes sure shopping is a pleasure!”

4.4 Superb81 Reviews

“I love Publix. Shelves always stocked. Always enough staff to help and checkout. Deli, great. Bakery, great. The only thing i don't like is the limited number of brands they stock. But I'm willing to endure this to help keep prices down. Bonus: the pharmacy is top notch also.”

4.3 Superb52 Reviews

“Love this convenient market!So many of the reviews say this store is too small or doesn’t stock what they need. The store is on a small island; the size of the store reflects that but still has almost anything you would find at one of their regular sized stores. I’ve never run into an issue.Really friendly staff as well.”

4.3 Superb34 Reviews

“Visited the relatively new Publix on Folly Road (James Island, SC). The store is well-stocked, clean, and inviting. Staff was pleasant at every turn. Deli, aisles, and checkout. Couldn't have asked for a bette experience.”

3.9 Good17 Reviews

“This store is always very clean, and everyone is always very pleasant when I walk into the door. I had a special experience with Miss Marie who works in the kitchen area of the store. This is hands-down, one of my very favorite places to eat in Charleston and I am a local so I know good food. She has a wonderful staff and she takes care of her guest and takes her job Very serious. If I were an employer, I would want Miss Marie to work for me. Her smile is contagious. Do yourself a favor, and go see Miss Marie and get some good food.”

4 Good54 Reviews

“This place has the best meat department in town. They get most of their meat from beverages meat market it's not frozen me that shipped across the United States. They have great steaks beef pork everything you would need. I like it better than Food Lion because they do bother meats from beverages meats which is a local meat market here and the area. Nice clean stores doesn't have as many off the wall items as other grocery stores but they have everything you need. A good vegetable, fruit and really good prices on their seasonings you going to buy a big bottle of seasoning for a dollar garlic pepper anything like that chili pepper pepper salt all cheap whereas you go to Food Lion or Piggly wiggly and it's in a small bottle and it's over $3 and sometimes $4. So look for the seasoning aisle it's over near the freezer section. They have everything in the freezer section including the big tubs of ice cream I'm never been let down with dochers meats is the best in town!”

3.9 Good28 Reviews

“Cleanest,best stocked store I have found around this area. Staff extremely helpful, including Jim,the cashier. Very different experience than one I was 'forced' to leave bc I wouldn't go gather shopping carts from parking lot! This manager & staff were excellent in Folly Rd store. Keep up the good work ?”

3.5 Good21 Reviews

“Never have I ever been into a Publix before this trip but I am pleased to say that I will be returning. I do not live in a city that has Publix grocery stores so I was shocked to walk in and discover how pristine it was. The workers were super friendly and the store was exceptionally clean. They offer a wide variety of fresh foods and even some that can be prepared for you. There are work stations throughout the store passing out small tastes of different foods offered there and my children loved it.”

3.7 Good67 Reviews

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