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“Got me some generic Benadryl tablets that has the same identical ingredients in it as equate for a $1.25 35 tablets and a package. They were the same as name brand”

4.7Superb29 Reviews

“I also really liked coming here! I've never been to this one, but they had a lot of Halloween stuff and some Christmas stuff already! Again very clean and organized, and they also had self check out, which I love. It goes faster, in my opinion. Again great prices and fun finds. Staff has always been nice and welcoming.”

4.1Good86 Reviews

“I go out of my way to go to THIS Dollar Tree, not the other train wrecks in the area. There is a VERY pleasant cashier in the morning who makes shopping here a pleasant experience. The manager is kind of grumpy.”

3.9Good54 Reviews

“Terrible. The cashier was so rude. She said...empty your basket. But the way she said it was so rude. Some cashier's will just reach in and pull items out and ring them up and bag them as they go. But this one obviously didn't want to do that so she was pretty rude and said dump the basket so I dumped the basket. Then she pretty much threw my items one by one in two bags and then took the card and took payment without even making eye contact handed the receipt with her head turned while she was already ringing another customer.It is actually one day before Christmas and everyone is frustrated I understand. But when you work with the public you can't behave that way no matter what kind of day you're having. So I just thought I should post this and let others know. Don't expect any holiday cheer at family Dollar in Goose Creek on Red Bank road.”

3.8Good37 Reviews

“I love this place..'specially this particular $ General...they have what you need, they also have things you didn't know you needed LOL. I particularly like their "end of season" sales.”

3.7Good58 Reviews

“Manager Antoinette service is excellent! Her service is above and beyond all the rest. She is a keeper. As a retired store owner, I know loyal and dedication to the job when I see it and Antoinette has both!!! Again, you picked a winner!!”

3.4Good34 Reviews

“This Dollar General location on Red Bank Road in Goose Creek is a well managed Dollar General that is a convenient stop when you are in the area and need some basic items quickly. I have had a really good experience shopping here and have been able to find exactly what I was looking for at a low price each time.”

3.5Good77 Reviews

“DG is usually an excellent store for deals. Penny shoppers love it because you can find hidden gems for one cent!However, this DG is the cleanest and most organized by far. In close second was DG, located in rural areas of Belmont, Texas. The manager of this location retains professional services and teamwork. I was almost confused by the customer service. And the smiling staff members. I asked if the manager could whip the other locations in shape like she did this one. She politely declined.”

3.3Good69 Reviews

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