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“I enjoy going shopping to Publix of St. James with my husband. Their employees are always nice, professional, and friendly. When we have any question or request, they respond quickly and efficiently.Their subs are the best! ?”

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“The store has great prices. They have a good bakery. Must try the bakery! The store is clean and they have full service and self service checkouts.You need to bring your own bag or you can buy them at the register.”

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“I love it here. Staff is pretty cool, I only had one incident where a supervisor scolded a cashier while I was inline and I called the manager to stand up for the cashier. For the most part staff keeps the place clean and organized. They are also quite professional. I often choose the food lion over the Walmart on the same street.”

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“Two very definate "no no's" I've come to terms with yet continue to break on a regular basis. (See the bottom*) I'm a New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, I understand parking that is --- let's just say -- well, there really is no easy way of saying what I really want to say, but probably shouldn't, so I won't, begrudgingly. This lot requires air support, as you pull up over an embankment, before you ascertain if you can even enter the reverse, forward, left, right automotive contusions in this haphazard parking gauntlet. Once inside, four double sided perfectly orderly and well groomed shelves greet you. Most items, as one would expect, revolve around Brazilian cuisine -- cooking at home. There is even an aisle dedicated to proper cooking utensils, pots, pans, pressure cookers, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. What really brought the sizzle for the steak to me was definately the butcher department and just how beautiful all of the meats were. Three ribeyes and a few links of sausage thrown over my shoulder and I headed to the counter with a bottle of "English sauce", which I assumed was in the Worcestershire sauce family and was gravely mistaken, I squirted on the below mentioned peculiarity dry-ish mystery meat. That chestnut brown fermented liquid looked so gosh darn familiar--bloody good, Gov.. I'm still not completely sure, yet it was as common enough to them to have it right in your mug, the dark brown dry mystery meat, just left of checkout, in its own glass house and for some reason I began to daydream about how Gob Stoppers might work well right about now, you know, to enduce moisture and how much it resembled a round Milky Way but with nuts partially sticking out. The banner behind the counter where my new pal Louis was working is the Brazilian equivalent of our Western Union, if your wondering. I macked down darkish meat n grainy sausage looking item in the reach in glass heating machine and used my 5 words of Portuguese on Lou, I'd like to think he was impressed -- reality tells me otherwise. "I got cred yo" I felt like saying. "I worked on 45th street between 5th and 6th, 46th is Little Brazil, I'm down with your Flan brah". (Manhattan of course) But I decided to keep that little nugget to myself, boy did he miss out. It's unfortunate that some locals, those unfortunate few critrers with the culinary palate of a 3rd grader actually shop across the street at Food Lion. Food herecy I say, but I guess you have to actually leave your state at least once in your lives to understand any of this. Break the chain everyone, support your single store operations, shout it to the mountains --and read my blog where the real ranting takes place. (I like it there -- I can do and say whatever pleases me.) *1. When in an ethnically diverse business, refrain from speaking and continuing such behavior unimpeded --- before asking if they speak English. Or get the blank stare which says "what the hell is this tall, long haired maniac saying to me?" 2. Ask permission before shutterbugging photos with machine gunning repition. (Hmm I say -- perhaps it's the long hair, bulked size and Merciful Fate tee) The bottom line is that we are all just buddy buddy after I explain this behavior is to their benefit. I'm tired of explaining, I think I'll have something printed up, words are 2 precious to me and I don't like to repeat myself. It's just a preference..”

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“Delicious food! This food truck is a hidden gem in Goose creek! We are relatively new to the area so still getting to know where the good food is and this is definitely a keeper! We ordered tacos, one of each, and we definitely loved Al Pastor. For every 5 tacos, you get a Free can of soda and they have a loyalty card where you get free food after ordering a certain amount of food. The gentlemen was extremely nice and professional. They are open Monday-Saturday from 11am-1pm and then reopen from 4:30-9:30pm and are closed on Sunday's oh and they only offer Sopes for dinner along with the rest of the menu. I'll be back for those :) This is definitely a place to get authentic Mexican food!!”

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“This place has the neatest candies and snacks! They even have coca-cola in the large glass bottle which I have a hard time finding and the food truck in front of their store is AMAZING!!! My husband and I eat there regularly! Love them!!!”

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“Best tacos in Goose Creek, but make sure you're able to order in Spanish. Place your order at the carniceria in the back and pay with the cashier at the front on your way out.”

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“Another excellent grocery store in our area. Good deals and nice selection. Not as much selection or variety but that is not Aldi's thing. They do quick, necessities, spotless and low prices.”

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“Cheerful employees. Very helpful. I asked where an item was located. Instead of telling me she walked me to it ?. Well stocked and very clean. The cashier was very nice and greeted me with a smile. I didn't catch her name but I did give her 5 stars upon checking out.”

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“Small Caribbean grocery store - the people that work in this store are from the Caribbean and all very helpful when I asked questions about the food items sold there.You can get things such as j*** seasonings, fresh Irish moss, soursop, and many other items used in the Caribbean culture.On the other side of the grocery store , soon as you walk in, is a small restaurant that has meals that are well known in Jamaica.I stopped in to pick up an oxtail meal plate for dinner. We have had it many times before and it is always great.The food was good today also. I feel it is one of the best Jamaican places in the Charleston area.Accessible parking is available .”

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“Use to be a Bi LO a while back ago. Now is Food Lion. Very clean restrooms, clean store. Everything is easy to find. Bakery and Deli is very clean and fresh. Produce, the same. Not too many negatives about this store if any.”

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“It is rare in today/s world to find people like Mrs. Charity who used to be Pharmacy manager and now Assistant Pharmacy manager- if she is there she can tell from the voice- quickly like AI -artificial intelligence, recognize your medicine and thorough in her work- speaks truth, honesty and great customer service- has a great smiling good nature- her husband and kids are the same.some of her employees like Theresa, Linda are all oustanding.. Present manager Sarah and one more i forgot are all nice by the wayPlease ensure her upper management recognized and put a good note for them and give them a piece good thing like free lunch or promotion or so - this is not like one day - it has been past 7 years-seven years with doubt or no change about it- truly exceptional as you all know i speak my mind without thinking and tell things as it is- absolutely great- when she takes the phone call it is easy to handle compared to others.Most important without her help i would not have gone to India to see my ailing mother who is 89 years old without a medication and sleeping pills also -she asked me what to write to the doctor to get it resolved- very rare- that extra mile should never be forgotten -this was in January 18 to February 12th 2023. Long due for this good noteThanks & Best Regards,Respectfully Submitted,Sridhar Rangaswamy ("Sri")US Trademarks: #5030763 & 4837686"Promise Less/Under Promise and Deliver More""Excellence is not an act, it is a Habit""Honesty is the Best Policy"Be Truthful,Honest and Fair"”

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“I love this place..'specially this particular $ General...they have what you need, they also have things you didn't know you needed LOL. I particularly like their "end of season" sales.”

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“This Dollar General location on Red Bank Road in Goose Creek is a well managed Dollar General that is a convenient stop when you are in the area and need some basic items quickly. I have had a really good experience shopping here and have been able to find exactly what I was looking for at a low price each time.”

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“This, Walmart is always nice, clean and fast to get in and out of. The people that work there always have a smile on their face and always seem quick to greet you. There is a Walmart guestd Station on site the gas there seems to be a lot less expensive than the other gas stations in the area or comparable.”

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“Publix Super Market at St. James Shopping Center in Goose Creek is a well managed Publix location that has everything that you need for groceries and more. I have been happy with all of the purchases that I have made from here and their level of customer service.”

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“DG is usually an excellent store for deals. Penny shoppers love it because you can find hidden gems for one cent!However, this DG is the cleanest and most organized by far. In close second was DG, located in rural areas of Belmont, Texas. The manager of this location retains professional services and teamwork. I was almost confused by the customer service. And the smiling staff members. I asked if the manager could whip the other locations in shape like she did this one. She politely declined.”

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“7:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning is an awesome time to go to Walmart. I had already looked up everything I needed online had it loaded in my cart, was able to walk straight in already had the aisle numbers picked up what I needed and out 5 minutes no must no fuss”

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