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“My Husband Jerry K. And I love the wonderful and helpful staff here!! They are always here for us if we are having a tech problem or just have questions.. We hope you will let this Cricket Store help you get the Phone and Plan you need!! They truly are very helpful and super kind!!”

4.8Superb17 Reviews

“Really cool place cheap gas and fair prices in store variety of sodas to choose from. Alot of different mountain dew flavors, ALOT. VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE FRIENDLY AND ON POINT with everything. You have to check them out!”

4.2Good75 Reviews

“Always a clean very organized place that has a very wide beer selection but also one of the cleanest fountain areas I've ever seen. The staff here is always super nice and helpful and bump it up with good gas prices. Love this place”

4.2Good30 Reviews

“For juggalos this place carries crazy flavors, red pop, firework, blue raspberry, and cotton candy. This place rocks to the people who work in the area are nice to.”

4.1Good28 Reviews

“There have been times in my life when I needed gas and this place provided me with gas. Also pringles if I wanted that. Thank you for having the exact things I needed, Mapco.”

4.3Superb16 Reviews

“Today's two young ladies are working are absolutely amazing. Greet you as soon as you walk in. Store is always clean. and say by when you leave. I'm a 27-year veteran and can be pretty strict and to the point. I'm telling you these ladies both could run a store. If they're not there yet, then train them and give them their own store. Great service”

4.2Good19 Reviews

“This is such a great little market. It gives you the feel of Norm, walking into Cheers. Larry knows exactly what I need, whether I am walking into to store or pulling through the drive thru. The neighborhood locals hang out here in the mornings, drinking coffee and catching up before they start their day. I would stop here before I would anywhere else just because of the warm welcome I get. A huge plus is the breakfast biscuits they have in the morning and the amazing pizzas in the afternoon.😉”

4.4Superb11 Reviews

“Great place and funny guy. People calling them disrespectful dont understand the humor. Its a neighborhood market so he knows most of his customers and he jokes around with us.”

4.1Good17 Reviews

“We didn't know what we were walking into when we opened the front door but this is an adorable little gem. The coffee is wonderful. I absolutely recommend this place!”

4Good21 Reviews

“Great convenience store to get fuel, snacks, drinks etc. The employees are always friendly and helpful. I stop at this location 5 or more times a week since it's close to home. This place has restrooms for the public an great fuel prices.”

4Good17 Reviews

“This place has the BEST STAFF!There were only 3 people working running back n forth between making coffee, working the drive thru, working the gas station, & making sandwiches and I felt so welcome despite the stress they were probably feeling. True customer service done well when they know how to not take their stress out on the customer. I’m a barista myself and know what it’s like to have those short staffed days. ?”

3.8Good39 Reviews

“I just went in Sudden Service #57 on my lunch break. Kristie and Marla's very kind and professional attitude made me feel better about my day. It would be nice if more people took as much pride in their job as they did!”

4Good14 Reviews

“Welcome to the board of the Patriot Guard Writers and although there is 10% ethanol shouldn't make it pop too hard but bring it on in here because it's cruise out of sight. Hard working crew but the parking lot could use a blast or two.”

3.8Good17 Reviews

“A small old store that's been in the area for a long time. PLENTY OF BEER & misc. grocery type items to drop in & pick up if you're in a hurry.And lottery tickets if you need to pick one up.”

3.6Good60 Reviews

“Circle K is a great convenience store for fuel and products inside. I love the nachos they sell on the hot bar area reminds me of the nachos I use to get at ball games when I was younger. Staff is very friendly and has clean restrooms if you need them.”

3.5Good41 Reviews

“The girls there are great, the food is always fresh, and they've been known to deliver me pizza ON FOOT! Best customer relations and satisfaction I've ever experienced from a station. True southern hospitality.”

3.5Good17 Reviews

“Kept clean and clutter free prices are reasonable you pay for convenience right that's the pros . Cons are staff should be more happy and uplifting to the customers Its nice to see a smiling face in the store so please work on this Hartsville has heart lets show it in all we do”

3.4Good18 Reviews

“The people that own and run this place in the past few months are really great people! If you came here with the old owners I, know that it was different! These people are great!?”

3Average6 Reviews

“What's to say about a gasoline and quick shop store except that gas at Thornton's is usually the best price in the area and the restrooms are adequate for the occasion? When I am near a Thornton's and need gas or a restroom, that's where I go.”

3.1Average43 Reviews

“Hadn't been to this pharmacy in a while, forgot to get my meds from Kroger pharmacy the day before memorial day, this pharmacy was the only one open and they were able to pull my profile up and give me an emergency fill so that I didn't have to go without my meds until Kroger pharmacy opened back up. And they did this free of charge. The pharmacist was very kind!! ?”

2.7Average13 Reviews

“Staff is personable,helpful,and very nice, they answer your questions about new prescriptions as well as daily products. Much nicer and better service at other Gallatin Walgreens.”

2Poor45 Reviews

“Amazing customer service. All the thanks to Mr. Jason, Miss Jennifer, the other pharmacists and the whole crew. They have been providing me the best of the best care. I LOVE ? THEM ALL.”

2Poor72 Reviews

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