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“I ❤️ this dollar store. My mom is an amputee and they treat her just like family. Great employees. Most places we go to people are rude and nosy but these guys are great?”

4.4Superb62 Reviews

“The staff at this location was extremely kind courteous helpful and polite every single one of them said yes sir no sir yes ma'am no ma'am. Very impressed with how kind and polite the staff were . The store was also well stocked and kept very clean.”

4.4Superb46 Reviews

“Hit and miss, some Cashier's are excellent, some are horrid, take Lynnwood Rd for example, Amber Smith is attentive and always polite, cheerful, helpful, dresses nice and always smiling, she deserves to GM her own store! However at the same location, there is this young black girl on closing shift who wears no name tag, always glaring at people, acts like customers are hindering her when are ready to check out, and mumbles under her breath, she deserves to be fired.... Into space.... If you can't handle the public, don't work retail!Seriously, y'all should give that Amber girl a good raise!”

4.2Good68 Reviews

“This is my favorite dollar tree of all time. So many amazing items and it's very well organized. You can tell management here is doing an amazing job. The employees are always nice.”

4.6Superb28 Reviews

“Best dollar general in Lebanon and the best organized dollar general I've ever been in. Also great staff especially amber. Usually don't get greeted and asked if u need help finding anything in dollar general but she did. Years ago I quit shopping at this location because it was messy whoever runs it now turned it around will be going back”

4.1Good59 Reviews

“Love that they have a self check out at this one... Also the girl behind the register Kara is always so friendly and well mannered and quick to help.. This is the doller general I Definately go to the most..”

4Good78 Reviews

“Stocked well, clean. Totally didn't go home with everything I purchased however. Cashier left out $5 worth of merchandise that I purchased, which was really disappointing considering I didn't get a receipt ?”

4.1Good48 Reviews

“Love the place, very clean, worker's are friendly and it's very close to where I live. Now I did have a problem with a previous employee talking very unprofessional to another employee. I asked her what her name was so I could file a complaint and she told me it was none of my damn business. Well I made it my business at went and spoke to staff immediately and they took care of the problem. She had had several complaints on her already. Thank you dollar tree. I was willing to go to a different store if that problem hadn't been rectified...”

3.8Good53 Reviews

“It is great to see the store is back open during normal business hours and operational once more. Furthermore the lady working at 9:30pm on March 26th 2023 was extremely polite and even greeted me when I came in the door. Very pleasurable worker two thumbs up.”

3.5Good77 Reviews

“Yes, I would like to say something not about the store,but about these women coming in and steeling from y'all,I'm so embarrassed about the whole situation, I will never be back...”

3.1Average17 Reviews

“I Shop At This location 4+times a week needs to be up graded into a full dollar general market and the property next door is available. We need a fresh grocery ASAP”

2.8Average10 Reviews

“I’m not originally from Tennessee, even though I’ve called it home for years. As such, I really didn’t get Dollar General when I first moved here. But now that there is one on my way no matter where I’m going, I’ve grown to appreciate Dollar General as an easy place to pick up a few things on my way through. This specific location is very clean and well stocked. I really appreciate the nice design touches DG put in to make this store blend in to our little community here; the downward lights don’t turn our night sky into a cityscape at night, and the wood siding makes this store nestle right in. It’s great to have right across from the school too!”

2.9Average19 Reviews

“Its convenient, most of the time pretty Clean, But they dont keep up with rotating Stock very well. I have bought food that was out of Date. So watch your dates on Breads and Cookies and such. Otherwise Glad we have one so close by.”

2.4Poor9 Reviews
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