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“Dollar Tree on Lebanon Road in Mt. Juliet is a very nice store. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the store's inventory is usually very well maintained and stocked compared to a few of the other local Dollar Tree stores. I was able to get what I wanted and check out without much of a wait. Highly recommend this Dollar Tree.”

4.7Superb26 Reviews

“OMG this place is so convenient. The store employees are very nice and very professional. The store is clean. I think it's a great place to go when you need basic items and you don't feel like having to go to a major grocery store or Walmart.”

4.2Good58 Reviews

“I just stopped in for a few basic items and witnessed a karen giving the manager a hard time about the lack of a return policy. (No returns or credits, exchanges only) The manager was calm the whole time and was very patient with karen. I was tired of hearing karen repeat herself as if the policy was going to magically change. I kindly told her that was the real policy and has been for a long time. Karen continued repeating herself like a broken record player. Karen was wearing a lavender sweater and took up a large amount of space. (I really would love it if karen reads this one day, shame on you). Karen was blocking the entire check out lane as a cashier scanned my items. Near the end of my purchase, I spoke up to karen again, and told her the policy wasn’t going to change. Karen yelled at me about how she was a customer and it wasn’t my business. I corrected her (because Karens have to keep the act up when they’re obviously wrong; they won’t admit their fault) and told her it was my business since she was blocking my ability to pay. She yelled that it wasn’t even time for me to pay as the cashier scanned my last items. By the time she finished that sentence, the cashier had nothing left to scan. Karen did waddle her butt out of the way, but continued to repeat the same act after I left.Karens, Walmart is next door. They have a return policy. Dollar Tree is not for Karens. Actually, no store is for Karens. Shout out to the manager and cashier for being polite to karen.Next time though, an employee should be the one telling non-purchasing Karens to move out of the way so real customers can pay. -1 star for that and other issues I’ve experienced with this location. I should have been treated with the same courtesy that yucky karen received by the manager as well.”

4.2Good49 Reviews

“All the staff are friendly. Well stocked. Hoping it doesn't end up like some of the other stores in the area where they're just trashy. Keep up the good work staff at Nonaville Rd DG.”

3.8Good17 Reviews

“Went here today and I must say the customer service was very nice everyone here was very friendly and eager to help! You can tell they are short staffed and working hard either way! It was a very pleasant experience.”

3.5Good13 Reviews

“The staff was so warm and friendly I pass two dollar stores just come to this one because the teams wonderful always willing to sh ok w me where things are and they all seem to really like there jobs great asset to our community”

3.6Good61 Reviews

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