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  • "If I could rate this location a negative, I would. The employee Kyle, was acting very unprofessional and disrespectful towards a coworker. Making loud banging sounds, uncalled for remarks, throwing things on the grill just because his coworker did not acknowledge him... these are just a few gestures that he did while me and my family tried to enjoy our lunch. We asked to speak with the manager, but manager never showed. Kept getting told that the manager will be back in a few, we stayed to wait for 20min, and still the manager never showed. We just ended up walking out since we lost our appetite cause who knows what all he has done in the past 😡"
  • "I have been to this location twice. Once at 2 AM and today — Saturday morning. Today, the service was TERRIBLE. The woman who brought our food (not our sever) was really rude. I asked for the vanilla cream that came with the pancake in the picture and she said, “it doesn’t come with any” as she walked away. She didn’t even give me a chance to show her the menu. Our server never gave us any silverware, actually we hardly ever saw her after she took our order."
  • "It is in a very convenient location and the food seemed fine. Well priced. Would be 5 stars but staff seemed not to notice or care for patrons needs."
  • "Dennys is great! However, this Denny's in particular, and due to its location, is not. I will not be going back for the lack of cleanliness and the shoddy parking lot that went into what looked like a seedy motel."
  • "That was a work assignment. I haven't been inside that restaurant in 10 years .the last time i was i that Denny the manager was rude. He was a Mexican faggott."

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