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“Russell, Alan and the team do such a great job and with the heart of a servant. I never have to worry if the work is shoddy or not needed. This shop is always my first option when I need work in Hillsboro.Services: General repairs & maintenance”

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“Gene’s always goes above and beyond to help their customers and treat everyone with such respect and kindness. So thankful to have a go-to shop that is honest, fair, and gets me back on the road in no time.”

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“After a long day of work,I found that I had a flat steer tire.I managed to make my way here and they had a suitable used tire to get me through the time I need to prepare for a new set.Quickly tone and I was in and out within 30min”

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“Mr.Brook's is Awesome! I am handicapped and he came to my house to replace front and back brake pads! Thank you so much Mr. Brook's and God Bless You and Your family! We appreciate you!”

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“Just used them for first time. We moved to Hillsboro in August they had several good reviews, I can tell you first hand they were great, service was great they do an awesome job. Would definitely recommend”

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“He was nice, honest, straightforward, and came out to service my car quickly. He informed me that the alternator was good and told me what he thought the problem could be. I really appreciate that. Thanks for your honesty and courtesy just please choose to keep being you. God bless. ❤❤❤”

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“Danny was quick to get my truck in and FIXED it just as quick. Called me to let me know the status, which is like pulling teeth from other places. When you find a GOOD mechanic, treat him like gold cause you will need his services again. Danny is YOUR go to guy. Thanks Danny, you’re the best around!!!Service: Transmission”

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“The folks at Hillsboro Ford are the real deal. They were honest and up front from the very beginning. Everyone we talked to was very welcoming and just overall nice to talk with.We found the perfect car on their site and drove down from Dallas to see it. No surprises on the price, the process, or the car. We walked out a few hours later with the keys in hand. We'll definitely consider them again in the future!”

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“Our van stalled just outside Hillsboro 2 weeks ago and we needed it towed to town. Joel came to the rescue and went above and beyond to make sure we were safe at a hotel before towing our van to a mechanic. He was very courteous, professional and willing to do extra, (unloading our van and loading up hotel cart) to get us out of the cold. Thank you Joel of Big Daddy Wrecking!”

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“I haves lived through hurricanes Katrina, and Mathew. I know what it is to be trapped in the aftermath of a disaster with only a car. So my truck build is extensive, it’s an apocalypse build. Micky Thompson tires, Icon Rebound Pro wheels, Icon lift, RBP powered running boards, Klein onboard air compressor, and a Brown Davis, 650 mile long range fuel tank. I am deep six invested in this truck (six digits). This is my family’s lifeline and I care a great deal about it.Some punk in Waco keyed my truck from the taillight to the headlight. I was quoted over $3,000 worth of damage by a shop in Waco. Due in part to all the disassembly required prior to paint. I asked the professionals at Hill County Collision to perform the repair without the disassembly in order to avoid stressing all the accessories that are interconnected. I was prepared to accept a sub par service in order to maintain function over form. However that isn’t what I received. They made my truck look brand new, with absolutely immaculate attention to detail, AND they did it all while being hamstrung by my request not to disassemble. All of my systems were maintained, and it looks like it never even happened! Hill County Collision is the embodiment of American small town ingenuity coupled with big city skill. Oh yeah, they also knocked the price so low into the dirt that I thought it was a typo! Fantastic team, I highly recommend them.”

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“They are super friendly here. They put a brand new set of 20” tires on my Dodge Ram 1500 in just under 17 minutes. They sell name brand and others as well, even hard to find sizes ,”

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“On an 8 hour road trip, our car's tire was completely flat only 2 hours in. Nearest place was Lopez's Tire after getting to a gas station and trying to refill the tire with air. After filling up the flat tire, we heard a hissing noise and knew the tire was going to need to be replaced as soon as possible. We drove to Lopez's Tire Shop and to be completely honest, my friend and I thought the place was really sketchy at first. But it was our only option. A man came up to us and we told him what was going on and he was super nice and helpful. He inspected our flat tire and noticed it had two bubbles and a small hole where the air was leaking from. Fortunately we had a spare tire and he replaced the flat with the spare. The man informed us that the spare was weather rot and it wouldn't withstand long drives and its best to get a new tire soon. Overall, the entire service was a lot cheaper than we expected it to be and most places we've been to. Not to mention the mechanic was the nicest mechanic we've ever met. Highly recommend.”

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“One of the guys (farthest from the door) went out of his way to find some bolts and anchors for my nova. None of the other parts places would look as had as these guys. I can't wait to spend more money here. These guys earned it.”

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“The service seemed excellent and would have recieved 5 stars except for a few things I think was WRONG WRONG WRONG.THERE'S NO WHERE TO SIT WHILE I WAIT WHEN VERBALLY EXTRACTED FROM MY SEAT!! I was forced out of my wifes' 4x4 Silverado. The first automotive technician told me he'LL BE putting the truck on a lift for a 2 rear tire replacement, and no one can be in the vehicle while it's lifted in the air. After I told him my 2 cheeks were permanently planted to the seat, the manager appeared and repeated the same nonsense as the tech had stated. And then asked if I was refusing service in which I pointed out the fact that I was only refusing to be ejected from my perch, that the 2 of them were refusing to service my previously scheduled automotive service, in which states NOWHERE on the website that you ONE MUST REMOVE THYSELF FROM VEHICLE DURING SERVICE, FORK OVER THY KEYS, WALK AWAY FROM SAID VEHICLE, AND STAND THE ENTIRE TIME OR SIT ON A BOX OF GALLON JUGS UNTIL VEHICLE HAS BEEN RELEASED PER WALMART AUTHORITY. And guess what,,,, 2 rear tires gets,,,,,THE FLOOR JACK! The same as ANY tire or automotive shop in AMERICA!! Lifted my wifes' truck a whole 3 inches in the air! WHOO-HOOO!!!!!!!!! What a carnival ride that would have been folks!!!!!!While I sat on a gallon case of windshield wiper fluid, which the manager frowned upon but was so gracious enough to cut me a lil slack. No employee, including the manager(!!!!!), had not once asked me WHY I refused to exit the vehicle. Never asked if I had a medical issue such as a recent brain surgery, lil baby pinky toe surgery, or even if I may have severe incapacitating hemorrhoids that may have forced me to be permanently perched up in the passengers seat. I walked a full circle around that place twice, a not a bench 1 I seen to sit the cheeky twins on temporarily. Even law enforcement is trained to say PLEASE when asked to exit the vehicle! But I still give 4 out of 5 & nothing less due to the actual work performed was absolutely quality performed by qualified personnel that need a raise followed by a pat on the back. ALSO, 1 last thing. Someone could have mentioned to me that there is a pretty nice waiting room BEFORE or WHILE I was being asked to remove myself from the passengers' perch of my wifes' 4x4 Silverado.”

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“Louie was amazing in talking through my recent purchase of a 2018 RAV4 at Mike Terry. He was very personable and I felt like he cared for me to feel comfortable with the vehicle in its entirety and made the process as smooth as possible, as well as helping advise me best on my financial choices. Would highly recommend getting a car from Louie!”

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