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“I've known of ALDI since I was stationed in Germany. I was surprised to see one open here. Their prices are always satisfying and up to 80% lean meat. My friends love it so I had been going more frequently last year, plus my store (Krogers) weren't the same anymore. So why not save more money and less hassel? Don't got to deal with all the attitudes, just grab and go, and get my quarter back.It looks like they are planning to add a curbside pick-up line soon”

4.5 Superb39 Reviews

“I love the concept of Aldi. I loved it in Australia and love it here. It’s clean, great selection and novel finds. But why does the temperature always have to be so near freezing? Sometimes I would spend more time there and shop more but I’m so uncomfortable I cut my visit short.”

4.3 Superb51 Reviews

“Oh my gosh. Didn’t know what to expect other than apple cider donuts but this place is great for little ones. Lots of options for kids of all ages to enjoy themselves. Got on the bounce floor myself and managed not to hurt anyone. And both that sweet and savory pies are delicious.”

4.2 Good6 Reviews

“For being my first time in H-E-B, i was in awe on how many different selections of food products were available. I found everything i needed and more. Also the staff were very helpful on showing me where certain items were located.”

4 Good62 Reviews

“Good convenient Walmart, has everything you need at great prices. The lines are a bit long but nothing too crazy. Staff are fairly nice. It is very sad that they are closing since it is so good. [For anyone wanting to come on the last week: there is only 3 aisles of stuff and it closes around 7:30. You will probably not find your item though.]”

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“There is specially one thing that brings me here every week ?and that is the meat pie ? I have never tasted anything this good you all need to try their pie,you can order a large quantity as well for your parties and the likes ,you will thank me later ?”

3.6 Good10 Reviews

“I like this store, it's just very small. Prices for international foods are cheaper than American foods. Can find great deals if you shop the sales ads. The bakery items are always fresh.”

3.8 Good42 Reviews

“I've been a Walmart Market customer over Kroger and HEB for years. Both Kroger and HEB have given me items that resulted in me needing to return. Walmart always provides me with fresh produce and truly picks items that I believe they would want take home, too. Not only that but their customer service is beyond anything I would expect. Tonight, I couldn't make my pick up and the app wouldn't let me reschedule (only cancel) and a REAL person sent me a text to reschedule. Talk about mind blown! Selection and value also suit our needs.”

3.7 Good38 Reviews

“Food is great, but I have to take away one star for lack of seating space when they have their dosa nights on Wednesdays. Overall, the dosa and sambhar are delicious.”

3.5 Good53 Reviews