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“Nice place to get cheap food . But best thing is the 20.00 dollar meat boxes. I think there are 3 different boxes . But stuff in boxes is worth a lot more than 20.00. Plus gives a lot of variety. But this place is busy . Comes early or real late.”

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“I love it here, they carry HEB goods that have been discounted or that have been discontinued. It's a great alternative if you are looking for quality foods at super savings prices!! #smartshop”

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“Super cheap! Always stocked up and clean. I recommend going early to avoid the traffic in the aisle. The only concern I have is the unfriendliness of the cashiers. When I was bagging my groceries, I overheard the cashier said to the other cashier “she’s having a bad day” because the customers pissed her off. I work in customer service as well and I don’t have this kind of conversation in front of guest.”

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“Great everyday in & our shopping, fresh produce’s, meats, milks of any kind, daily breads as well! Clean atmosphere, no goods of any kind on the floor or burst opening! You can find what you’re looking for, they’re lots of varieties to choose from.”

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“I witnessed the owner/ guy on the the counter being generous towards a customer (which is a rare sight to behold at such troubled times) and thought of awarding them a 5 star review since they very much deserved it in my eyes! Such people need acknowledgment!”

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“The store is always clean and organized. Staff is always willing to help you locate items. Very professional customer service, even when customers are not the nicest.”

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“You can find all kinds of Asian ingredients, I love their restaurants and that I can buy fish and they fry it right there. The people are very friendly, the place is super clean!”

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“What a hidden gem!? A dozen eggs $1.09. Organic: about $3.60Great prices, great concepts. For example it costs $0.25 to get a cart. But if you return the cart you get your quarter back. Also you must provide your own bags they do not provide plastic bags which cuts down on all those plastic bags circulating. Hopefully they will get a wider selection of items hence four stars and not five.”

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“Pyburn's is one of the few meat markets in Houston that has chicken boudin. I forgot this location was here until I did a search for boudin and it came up. I was impressed that this little meat market/grovery store has 4-6 self checkout lanes with a monitor who is happy to assist with issues. The guy behind the buthcer counter was very helpful and nice! I got my chicken boudin, a box of crackers, and I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. The area is a little sketchy, but they have security for the vast amount of parking. I've been back a few times.”

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“Great place for organic base products.Well-rounded without all the giant store types inconveniences. Easy parking, friendly and available staff,They do things a little different, but that is what makes them great.”

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“I love Aldi.Great prices and specials, always well stocked and tons to choose from. I love that they are a planet friendly store...friendly staff too.Finally made it, it's been a while. Still fabulous with some of the best produce, meats and cheeses in town. I got some fab sweets to make the kids Christmas treats and a few gifts too. Oh and the staff are still amazing ?”

4.4Superb120 Reviews

“Always have what I need here at this store than anywhere. My grandmother took me to this grocery store when I was only a child and that's been over 40 years ago and haven't stopped”

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“Aldi is such a nice grocery shopping store! :) I love coming to any of them because they always have nice products ready for you to buy! :) Enjoy the economical price and goodies! Cheers”

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“Cashier’s are nice & friendly. Shelf prices are little to expensive. Meat counter customer service could be improved a little. Nice lunch menu recommend you call in your order so you won’t have a long wait . Sausages well let’s just I enjoy the dibble garlic and the deer”

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“Aldi is fun you will find different stuff at different locations. You can count on their staple items at low prices like milk and bread fruits and veggies. Their cleaners and butter are usually lower prices aswell.”

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“Great selection of products. Meat department is pretty good. Only thing about this place is it's a little more pricey than the other grocery stores in the area.”

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“My first time to visit, however there are restrictions. Retired military, active military. 50% or more service connected disability. Friendly and helpful staff. I will return. FYI, have your I.D.”

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“Jor V's is a knockout merchandise store of HEB and the store is well stocked with discounted products regularly sold at HEB. There is plenty of parking available and security is always stationed outside the door entrance to give one a sense of security.”

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“The food is good, the store is very well stocked and everything, but maybe they need people in the kitchen area because sometimes it takes a while for them to ship it out.”

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“Great place to grocery shop.Found everything I needed for Thanksgiving at a fraction of what I compared to other places I normally shop. I was very happy ? Aldi get 5 stars from me.”

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“A Great Asset To THIS community PLUS has a Very Good Deli i/s serving Hot Food with chairs & tables in which to ENJOY La Comida.Prices?Often/ALL? times LESS than the Big Chain stores.Nicest of folks own/run/work here. They also send money out-of-state/country.You drive a Big Truck? No problemo... just park in the median of street. I have but didn't sit to eat: just got my purchases To Go/ A Va.”

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“This meat market is the best, their staff is always very friendly and in great moods. The owner is always very attentive and makes you feel like family when you walk in.The food there is delicious the barbacoa and menudo are our go to on sundays. We stay loyal to this place. Customer service goes along way now a days and this place right here has it all. Great food, friendly staff, and kind owner who cares about his customers needs.If you haven’t tried this place you need to, you won’t regret it.”

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“In my opinion, Aldi is one of the best supermarkets. A number of items made in Europe are available at reasonable prices and the prices are relatively low. Compared to other markets, fruits and vegetables are cheaper. As far as I'm concerned, the only downside I could see there is the lack of wide choice and limited availability.”

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“One of the first stores I stopped at when I got to Texas. Close to my son's house. Affordable and friendly service. Definetly one of my favorite corner stores in Houston.”

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“Great prices. We shop there first and if we can't find what we're leaving for, we then go their competitors. Small store makes for quick shopping. Unfortunately they don't have a fast lane (for a few items)for checking out.”

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“Double Double Double Wow.What prices I am glad I live close by. Beautiful Employees and Beautiful family Manager super security guard policeman he loved his two-wheel look out in the parking you got to take care of his customers.When you see him when you see the employees or the manager don't forget to say good morning good afternoon good even always smile always say something nice and always always say thank you”

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“Honestly the best little market to go to if you want good groceries for cheap prices. I love it here I stopped going to Walmart and only use Aldi's now for most things.”

4.1Good139 Reviews

“Found so many good deals here today! Went to get frozen eggplant because a friend told me how good it is. Can't wait to make eggplant parmesan in a day or two!”

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“Aldi's is always a treat to visit, especially around this time of year. I only went in for a bag of cashews and a can of pineapples. However, I came across these cute little hoodie dresses and had to buy 2 (for me, lol). I saw this feta and spinach pizza and thought what better to with hot chocolate, popcorn and a movie. Friday Night lounging in my Hoodia dress.”

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