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“I love this Shell gas station!! Best little store in Texas!! Everyone is always so polite and professional. They always have everything I need and I go there at least once a day. Clean and again everyone so polite and always smiling at every customer that comes in. THANKS YOU'RE GREAT!!!”

4.1 Good14 Reviews

“Go to gas station? Yes, this is it for me. I like it because of where it's located, as it's central to where I come and go for the most part. The other nice thing is that the prices are usually very decent. Whereas the gas station that is closer to me and usually vacant overcharges. Things to note...I tend to avoid the convenience store. Something about it is off putting and I can't explain it. It's clean, those inside are nice, but I tend to avoid it. This gas station does tend to get very busy, due to its location, so certain times such as before and after work are probably the worst times to get gas here. However, if you're not in a rush you won't mind. This review has to be short, because the only reason you'll come here is for the convenience of cheap gas and that to me is reason enough to keep coming back and letting others know why it's worth the trip.”

2.8 Average5 Reviews

“Best 420 friendly spot in Houston in my opinion. Kevonna keeps the latest and greatest in everything smoke shop affiliated and even offers daiquiris. Keep up the good work people”

4.7 Superb27 Reviews

“Definitely one of the best costco gas stations in the Houston area. Well planned entrance that reduces the congestion unlike at the galleria location. Pumps can still be finicky, as I selected gas and it just froze on me, would continue to Blink as if I have not selected the gas but nothing ever engaged and had to restart the entire transaction!”

4.4 Superb47 Reviews

“Customer service is on point. But the food...omg the food.Reminds me of going to my best friends house for lunch.Every single bocadito is special. Dang, those ladies are "cooking with gas"”

4.5 Superb29 Reviews

“Tony is the greatest!he's such a joy to see his smiling face every day!!!:DI always get great service...except once and it wasn't Tony but the guy who did make the mistake apologized the next day and the owner was amazing at making sure that me as a customer was satisfied!! Plus they're the only store not scared to stay open 24 hours! So many props to these guys!!! I absolutely LOVE EM!”

4.3 Superb47 Reviews

“This is a great location for all of your gas and convenience store needs. Prices and store deals beat everyone in the area on most items. They also have a large inventory of miscellaneous items that are reasonable in price. Gas prices comparable to immediate competition, but you can't beat Exxon gas! Staff is always friendly, smiling and have great customer service.”

4.6 Superb20 Reviews

“Yesterday I went here just fill up my truck with ⛽ $2.03 a gallon .This store is in my brother neighborhood and down the street.The very first Gas station in Missouri City at this price are maybe in the last two years .My brother told me three days ago so I followed him there too see with my on 👀 Because the cheapest place I found was in the 1960 area .”

4.3 Superb36 Reviews

“It's everything you think of when you think of a neighborhood corner store. However it's on a major Hwy for sure which is a plus for these guys. Once you come here enough it's like their apart of the Crew! The Three men that work there are very respectful, and kind. Gotta support your local small gas stations, and small businesses near by folks.”

4.8 Superb15 Reviews

“Good afternoon I purchased gas (great price) and a slurpee yesterday, June 10, 2019 at 11:29:27. Yezid and Quinn as always were a great help, if you need gas or a bite to eat, please stop by. Have a nice day”

4.6 Superb18 Reviews

“I come here often for gas. I like the Hispanic dude at the register in the mornings. He's cool. The owner and his family are pretty cool too. They got a taco restaurant attached that makes great breakfast tacos, or so I hear. It's not really my jam. Decent stock of drinks, could use more snacks.”

4.2 Good41 Reviews

“This store that’s called dude stop is not a very good professional how they run the store with the attitude always make everybody feel uncomfortable and unwelcome how do you suppose to get customers if you not feeling them welcome don’t even have good communication brighter for those people to play the machine always have a whole bunch of homeless people letting them beg in front of the store”

4.3 Superb30 Reviews

“Good place for the obvious (P66 HQ is right down the street) and their shop on the right is fantastic and even offers complimentary rides back to your office / residence while your car is in the shop (provided it's a reasonable distance). Great, no nonsense service.”

4.4 Superb24 Reviews

“I was once fortunate enough to be part of the construction ?️? of the ExxonMobil ?️ headquarters in woodlands, Texas. A team member with chamberlin ?? waterproofing & roofing. Had a lot of great memories with a lot of chamberlin employees. Such as Chris Bauer & Alex Benzer & Jose Ramirez, etc.”

4.1 Good48 Reviews

“Love this place. The wings are delicious! The owner is also very active in the community, supporting civic organizations and fraternities (Kappa Alpha Psi). I highly recommend giving them a try. YITB”

4.2 Good34 Reviews

“I moved to this Texaco about a year and a half ago when my original station stopped doing inspections. I’ve been very happy with them. They are so helpful. First time there the attendant fixed my hood latch that was sticking for no charge. He was just being helpful! It wasn’t a huge deal for him but it was for me. They are fast and upfront about how long they expect the work to take when I have maintenance done and I’ve never felt pressured to fix things I know nothing about. Prices seem reasonable too.As as older female, who grew up before it was ok for women to learn about cars, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.They are also friendly and polite which isn’t a critical requirement but it’s nice.”

4.5 Superb18 Reviews

“I guy and sell crude with the majors.. my partner and I started our business 3 years ago and we’ve been blessed beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of :)”

4.2 Good33 Reviews

“Gas station is nice and well managed. It's clean and it's easy to find what you're looking for. I was not a fan of the parking lot. there is shattered car window glass everywhere. Looks like several cars must of been broken into before I got there. Hide your valuables.”

4.2 Good32 Reviews

“Have lived near for decades. They don't know me by name but all the crew there knows me when I walk in. They are friendly, cordial and helpful. The convenience store I use 90% of the time.”

5 Superb10 Reviews

“I reported the air pump that isn’t working. It took the air out instead. Please ask the cashier if the machine has been fixed before you spend your money for nothing. My tire had a low air. I used the Kroger air pump. Got my tire flat ?”

4.8 Superb12 Reviews

“It's open 24 hrs. and can be walked into rather than shopping through a drawer, like many other overnight stores. The store is always clean. Always good service from the clerks.”

4.2 Good31 Reviews

“Restroom was so nice and clean!!! No dirty urine smell. I recommend a baby changing table & hooks in the restroom to hang jackets and purses though. Had some cool things for sale too.”

4.4 Superb20 Reviews

“Great variety of products and services with awesome customer service located on a former Walgreens property! Excellent repurposing of capital assets. Congratulations and best wishes to the owners!”

4.4 Superb20 Reviews

“Usually I don’t leave reviews, but once I saw the work that Jeff was able to do on my Mini Cooper I had to take the time to leave a positive review. He was able to restore my headlights and plastic, and do a detailed car wash. After he was done my Mini Cooper looks brand new, so happy with the results I’ll definitely will be back for future car detailing. Thank you!! - Jose”

4.4 Superb20 Reviews

“This Kroger Fuel Center seems to be closer to my house without paying toll. I like to shop at this Kroger store. But the gas station is on the rear side of grocery store. I wish there is a direct way to get to the front.”

4.4 Superb20 Reviews

“Well stocked gas station with a spacious interior. The staff are average in friendliness. The walk in beer cooler is pretty nice. Gas prices are average and usually you can find it cheaper.”

4.2 Good30 Reviews

“My go-to location for gas.The good:- Competitive pricing with Costco down the freeway on Bunker Hill- There's typically very little to no wait time when filling up. Unlike at Costco.The bad:- Not 'Top Tier' rated gas. Meaning less detergent additives in the fuel to prevent gas deposits. Costco's gas is 'Top Tier' rated.- Sam's Club members suck at directions. There's one way in and one way out. But the members here tend to just go whichever direction they feel like. And the worker just chill in his little hut and not direct traffic, unlike at Costco where the workers are actively directing traffic.”

4 Good53 Reviews

“This gas station has withstood the test of time outliving several, competing rivals and standing strong with quality gasoline of varying grades. Boasting its corner appeal, it delivers an ergonomic flow of inviting swift transit accessing and departure. An uncanny gravity toward the store draws clients to the coffee machines, ICEE, hot dog, and a very healthy convenient store diet that most enjoy while buying several Lotto tickets, it's a winner. Stop buy and stalk up on road trip goods because traveling season is coming soon! Don't forget the beef jerky.”

4.2 Good26 Reviews

“Very excellent advice place to come been coming here for a long time bring all my cars and trucks here very professional and kind always with a smile I’m served and make us feel like family. Highly recommend coming here.”

4.2 Good26 Reviews