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“I love this Shell gas station!! Best little store in Texas!! Everyone is always so polite and professional. They always have everything I need and I go there at least once a day. Clean and again everyone so polite and always smiling at every customer that comes in. THANKS YOU'RE GREAT!!!”

4.1 Good14 Reviews

“This CVS is really pretty good for a small drug store. It carries many of the things you'd expect a drug store to carry; things like over-the-counter medications, vitamins, makeup, shampoos, and snacks. They seem to frequently run low on soft drinks, but I can't tell if that's due to high demand or not enough stock. Of course, you can't talk about CVS without also talking about their pharmacy. Don't get me wrong - I see it as a well run and well stocked pharmacy - but their drug prices (in comparison to an HEB or Walmart pharmacy) are really quite high. And yet, in spite of that problem, I still enjoy going to this CVS and would very much recommend it.”

3.2 Average19 Reviews

“Go to gas station? Yes, this is it for me. I like it because of where it's located, as it's central to where I come and go for the most part. The other nice thing is that the prices are usually very decent. Whereas the gas station that is closer to me and usually vacant overcharges. Things to note...I tend to avoid the convenience store. Something about it is off putting and I can't explain it. It's clean, those inside are nice, but I tend to avoid it. This gas station does tend to get very busy, due to its location, so certain times such as before and after work are probably the worst times to get gas here. However, if you're not in a rush you won't mind. This review has to be short, because the only reason you'll come here is for the convenience of cheap gas and that to me is reason enough to keep coming back and letting others know why it's worth the trip.”

2.8 Average5 Reviews

“This Walgreens by far is the best location ever. The service is always top tier, they make you feel like you really matter and the young lady Kayla(I think) she deserves so much recognition she is a complete doll. And today I had the pleasure of receiving exceptional service from the manager and I think his name was Andre. You guys have no idea how many times I was going through tragic events in my life and how the encounters with your staff eased my grief THANK YOU!”

2.3 Poor28 Reviews

“Customer service is ok, place looks a it dirty as webs hang on the ceiling and the carpet looks really dusty. Good thing their workers know what they're doing.”

1.5 Poor11 Reviews

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