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“I recommend the burritos and the pieces of breaded breast. Sometimes in the box there are sweets that are at auction for up to .50 cents. Additionally, they have a promotion on tamales combos. There I owe them the reason if they taste rich or not.”

4.4 Superb34 Reviews

“Had to make a late night run to get a few things. I was surprised that there was still quite a few people at the store. The cashier, however, was very quick and polite. Much better service than Walmart!”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews

“If this is the valero in Tulare at Blackstone and bardsley, it's the best gas station in Tulare county, in not the whole state of California, no kidding! They have full service at no extra price! Full service gas stations went extinct about 30 years ago except in the city of Tulare California”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“So today got me some chicken sandwich while putting gas... one of them was raw. People from the kitchen be careful. I'm unable to go back right now to get a refund or something but please be careful specially with chicken. Living this as proof”

4.1 Good19 Reviews

“Exxon is great gas and I have the perks which give me back money got more gas. LOVE!! Places that give you perks. Always clean and helpful people that attend. Lots of options of snacks, cold drinks and lottery options. Make sure and stop by and r ed view it for yourself.”

4.6 Superb5 Reviews

“Big store, has everything The chicken cuts in the salads at this Particular store seem bigger than the other H.E.B. store’s. Why ? I guess they want your business.This is my favorite H.E.B. ???”

4.1 Good12 Reviews

“Siempre bien surtida y una de las mejores opciones para quienes accedemos a McAllen a través del puente Anzaldúas, pasando por Mission y queremos recargar gasolina.”

3.9 Good16 Reviews

“The employes are very friendly its just need to do something about the flyes they have I guess they need to put fly traps that will make it more clean environment for their customers and employees”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“The store was very clean and the staff was friendly. I stopped for some tacos. They had a wide selection of food and everything looked good. I was in and out within a few minutes.”

3.7 Good12 Reviews

“The manager Noelia was very sweet to help me put gas as I’m in a wheelchair… I called by phone and she came out right away… I truly appreciate the assistance!!”

3.6 Good36 Reviews

“Always friendly and quick to attend you .I have no complaints about this convenience store .However, I have never been here during the morning rush , and I strongly recommend this place in the afternoon.”

3.6 Good23 Reviews

“Valero always seems to have what I need and the very convenient being open 24 hours the little things that we forget to get during the day you can most of the time find them”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“It's a nice store but I've always wondered why they charge more for the same exact products that you can find at other gas stations. I've noticed that with all Exxon stations. It's not as if they are selling a higher quality brand. Maybe the gas is better but I'm talking about store items.”

3.5 Good21 Reviews

“I like that this store is finally getting friendlier cashiers like Bob and Kimberly. They are so polite.Tonite I witnessed an employee walk off the job and verbally heard her say" I am clocking out so you can do a double" to a fellow employee.That means she quit her shift in less than 2 minutes. She is the reason I had formerly given the store a 1 star rating. I do not know her name but she is just plain rude to us.I noticed there were more price tags on things and I now know what I am paying for things.Please keep up with hiring friendly employees.pleasee.wecome here almost everyday ..”

2.9 Average8 Reviews

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