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“Eder was very personable and super knowledgeable about everything I asked! He took me over all aspects of my purchase and made sure I was getting something that would actually fit my needs! I 100% recommend him and this pawn shop to anyone needing a firearm, at a very respectable price might I add!”

4.7 Superb36 Reviews

“Max and Adriana are amazing managers! I had a slight unavoidable mistake made with my new phone upgrade. They painlessly resolved my issue in no time at all. They know exactly what they are doing. I have a recommend them to anyone.”

3.9 Good30 Reviews

“Been very satisfied with my service. Very friendly and helpful staff expeshly Paloma. If you go here to this location she's the one to get to help you. She's awesome in every way. She's very helpful!”

4 Good20 Reviews

“The Terrell store is awesome, I have bought on the rent to own program with them for years and they have been very understanding when issues arise with a payment being late. They never harassed me or threatened to come repossess the items financed. They give you ample opportunity to get square with them and they are very professional about how they conduct all business. 5/5 they are a great store and I’m happy to continue to do business with them.”

3.3 Good12 Reviews

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