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“I love this location. They are always so kind and helpful. Maria is a sweetheart she always takes cares of my husband and I. She's also very knowledgeable and patient with us as we aren't very tech savvy.”

4.6 Superb52 Reviews

“KOREA WAS AMAZING! I gave her a big phone mess to help me clean up, and she didn't even flinch and stayed after her shift to make sure I had the right phone, watch, and accessories. Unlike the previous experience, she listened to me, and then gave me suggestions, and made sure I was good to go. Korea gave me the best customer service experience I've ever had with a Phone company ever. I just moved to the area and I'm happy to know they are my TMobile store.”

4.1 Good56 Reviews

“since moving to Lavon Texas I have found the best 7 eleven ever on 3250 Goliad / 205. I have lived a lot of years visited a lot of 7/11 but never had service like this one. Manager Owner Arvind runs the best ever. You walk in the counter help greet you they are all extremely helpful.I have been frequenting the store for the last 2 years buying my exxon gas and my addiction Lotteryscratch tickets.Apparently I came in to the store to buy and cash in some tickets and left without realizing one was a 50.00 winner the Honest owner kept the ticket for me untill i came in a week later to buy more and showed me what I had left.WHAT HONESTY SHOWN BY THIS STORE THEY WILL HAVE ME FOREVER.In my job i worked in Retail for over 40 years and its refreshing to see great service and caring in this busy world.Thank you”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“I have to totally disagree with the previous review. I live just down the road from 7-11, so I stop here almost daily for a Monster drink, water, cigarettes, or whatever else I may be in the mood for. The owners are very friendly and they do speak English. I believe this store is owned by a man and his wife and their son also works here along with two other unrelated employees. All of them are great . I'm not sure what Cathy is talking about. The only person who may be hard to understand is the older gentleman who may be Chinese or Asian. ( I know the two are completely different, and I mean no offense, but I don't know the distinct characteristics of each origin). But, this man is the most friendly of them all. He is always smiling and always wishes his customers a great day. I don't get personal with the employees but I am pretty sure they are not foreigners. Just because someone looks different, does not make them a foreigner. It's asinine to make such a remark. Their son was born in the United States and his religion or ethnicity does not define who he is, nor does it for any other employees here, or anywhere for that matter. This particular 7-11 is always clean and well-stocked. They have usual promotions on their energy drinks. My monster drinks are pricey and I love going in and finding them 2 for $3.00. There is nothing wrong with the fountain drinks. I think the previous reviewer may have been having a bad day. I have never had a problem with it. However, the coke option on the Slurpee machine is often runny. The owners have had it serviced and acknowledged it will be replaced soon. I'm happy that this store is the closest to me because it's the one store where I don't mind going to everyday.”

4 Good6 Reviews

“Not sure what's going on but today 2/1/24 is my 2nd time buying hotdog and hit with diarrhea, I just can't believe what's going on with hotdogs at Costco, and is not only me there are a lot of people with same problem. I believe that the food is not quality standards. USDA has to check the hotdogs.”

3.7 Good22 Reviews

“Samuel was AWESOME!!!! I have been having issues with my son’s phone for over a week. Spent hours on the phone with tech support…. Samuel knew right away what the issue was… the tech support person FINALLY listened to him about what he thought the problem was — imagine that… the phone started working again! ? will be back to see him!!!First issue I’ve ever had with Verizon and there’s some kind of issue with the Smart Family App.”

3.6 Good38 Reviews

“I am sure you guys received lots of negative reviews but this one is a positive one.Mr. Preston, a manager of the store, worked with me in returning a 70 inch tv on the 15th day of the returning policy. He didn’t refund me but at least gave me the entire amount in credit store and since I need a slightly larger TV, I agreed with the store credit.And the reason for a no 5 stars review, it was because I waited over half hour, two customer service clerks and a manager of the store to get the return accepted.”

3.5 Good67 Reviews

“The customer service this store provided, exceeded my expectations and deserves to be recognized for this. Very friendly, helpful. Knowledgeable and professional. Everything from selecting a phone, to a plan that fit my budget and ...selecting a durable case for my new phone. This will be my go to store for all my Cricket Wireless needs. Thank you!”

3.1 Average7 Reviews

“I came in on what is considered graveyard shift and expected to be greeted by a sloppy tired attendant but was pleasantly surprised by a young lady by the name Andrea. She was a absolute delight. Very helpful. I will return to this store. Love to see people who enjoy their job and make shopping pleasant. Thank you!”

3.2 Average31 Reviews

“We stopped for gas and a snack. There was a good selection of snack options. It's a bit pricey but no more so than anything else nowadays. The stuff kept under the heat lamps had seen better days, but that's pretty much to be expected in a gas station.”

2.9 Average14 Reviews

“Man I love my 7/11 ladies ! Every single morning I walk in there, I have the best time. They make my mornings even better, always boost my confidence even when I am looking like a potato. I’ve been going to this 7-Eleven for 12 years and I will say your gas station attendants have seen you at your worst and I’m proud to say that the same gas station attendants have now seen me grow up and actually be an adult! The women and men at the 7/11 off horizon deserve a raise ESPECIALLY dayshift. I love the dayshift, they really make you feel like family❤️”

3 Average31 Reviews

“Target is a go to shopping place for me. They have amazing deals worth high quality. They have everything organized so it's easy to find by following the signs. Overall highly recommend target.”

1.9 Poor9 Reviews

“Ah, Target – the unsung hero of shopping! With its vast aisles and fantastic selection, Target consistently delivers a shopping experience that's both reliable and delightful. From household essentials to trendy finds, it's the one-stop destination that never disappoints.Navigating the clean and organized store is a breeze, and the friendly staff add to the overall positive atmosphere. Whether you're on a mission for groceries, clothing, or the latest home decor, Target has you covered.In a world of uncertainties, it's comforting to know that Target remains a beacon of consistency. If you haven't experienced the joy of Target shopping, you're missing out on retail therapy at its finest! ??”

2.9 Average57 Reviews

“Nice and easy to get in and out of if you are heading east to west. If you are going west to east forget about it. Gas and Slurpee's are a good way to fuel up, and this relatively new location is clean and well stocked.”

1.7 Poor9 Reviews

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