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“I was able to quickly get service to mail a package and had zero time in line. This is of course luck of the draw, as I turned around and about four to five people had come in to the store behind me. My customer service agent got me in and out quickly though and they were on to the next customer. The lady with the customer service representative next to me was doing a full on pack and ship situation and they moved her right through the process as well. I also use this UPS store for Amazon returns and that is also a quick and easy process. The store is a little on the small side when you get a half dozen people in there with their boxes and returns, but all in all I much prefer this store to the post office.”

4.3 Superb25 Reviews

“I’ve came to the store asking for help in a certain matter after other places couldn’t / refused to help me, Jessica Mancera told me it’s a problem as well but she asked for a second opinion of Brittany Beck, Brittany was creative, understood my distress and went above and beyond to find a solution to my problem where everyone else failed, I appreciate you guys and thank you for assisting me, customer service at the highest standards.”

4.2 Good27 Reviews

“I love the fact he comes to my office and cleans my car while I am working! He is extremely professional and my car always looks amazing. His prices are reasonable and fair. I highly recommend this guy and his crew!”

3.5 Good13 Reviews

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